Alps Triangle Reel Seat Review

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    Bought an Alps triangle reel seat recently and thought I would post a review on it. I am a little tired right now, but I uploaded a lot of pictures so I will be brief. Bottom line, I really like it, I think this is a great reel seat. It is all Aluminum, 22 MM size (the max for this style). It snugs up my new Saragosa reel great and feels fantastic in your hands. The new rod I bought had a aluminum seat (normal round style) and it allowed the reel to twist, no matter how tight. This new seat will replace the one the rod came with. The flat on the face where the reel foot goes keeps the reel from rotating. Paid about $40 for it, which is pricey for a seat, but it is very nice.

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  2. SteelingHeads

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    The ALPS Centra-Lock seat is very nice too.

  3. d-a

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    Did you get a chance to weigh the reel seat?

  4. Billy 40

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    It weighs a little more than a BPS, a bit more than an Aftco 2, and quite a bit more than a DPSH.
  5. MrBill

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    I have around five rods now made with the alhps seats. After using aftco seats for many years, I have switched. I like them for various reasons. The two locking rings have indentions on them which is helpful when lock down your reels. The threads seem so be smoother.
  6. sbarracl

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    I didn't get a chance to weigh it, but it is relatively light for an aluminum seat. I agree with MrBil about the locking rings and the smooth threads. Even the ferrules on it are very smooth with no sharp edges, everything is nicely radiused. This makes it feel really good in your hand, no sharp edges at all.

    I was pleasantly surprised that the triangle feels really nice in your hand. The points of the triangle are so rounded they feel good and your fingers wind up grabbing the flats on the sides, so it feels good. The best feature, though, is the flat and captured ferrules and the way it locks the reel foot in solid. A lot of big spinners don't fit well in aluminum seats due to the thickness and narrowness of their foot (feet?). The flat will keep any reel from rotating and all the ferrule has to do is keep it from moving fore an aft.

    I almost bought their Centra-lock seat which is a lot less $$, but it doesn't have a complete flat under the foot. There is channel that would probably work similar, but the channel is slightly rounded. If you want an aluminum seat for the strength, I feel this is one of the best on the market.