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    OK fishing friends... Lots of Lure talk on the forums and I love it. What I would like to know is all things bait...

    If I get to the docks early can I fish live bait off the docks?

    How much live bait can each of the boats bait tanks hold?

    What do most people use for bait catching (Sabiki rigs? size? cast net? squid jigs?)

    Where do you put the live bait caught before getting on the boat

    Ill need an out of state Texas and/or Florida fishing license to fish bait off the docks?

    Do we make bait when the trip is Underway?

    What kind of fish gets used for bait?

    How does most people hook the live bait for flat line and down deep drop (Nose, butt, collar?)?

    Do we troll for chunk bait fish like bonita or skipjack?

    Favorite live bait for Tuna, Gouper, AJ?

    Thanks in advance...

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    My head is spinning, Lol! But seriously, you can catch perch before loading. I caught them using a small jig head used for crappie (I know) with a tiny piece of fishbite on it. Small pieces of shrimp will work too. Put your perch in a aeriated bucket, then dump it in the well when loading. It holds a lot of bait. The boat uses frozen cut squid prepared and ready for your use when they make the first stop. You can usually buy frozen sardines before loading if desired. Chunk bait is usually the first caught blackfins, barracuda, or whatever. You will need a Texas fishing license for bait and boat. Live perch is excellent bait for grouper, AJ, and others. No trolling is done for bait purposes. Best live bait for tuna is a Halco 130, hehehe!
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    Wow. Thanks Mpro... halco better than flyer... ok, we will throw them babies too.

    can an out of stater
    Buy a one day license to make bait at the dock, or a full year outastate fee? Maybe Halcos are
  4. Illy

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    Yes you can get a one day license. You can buy them online or at academy
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    I think you can get an out of state 3 day for a reasonable price. Your license needs to cover the duration of your trip.

    Piggy perch and pinfish are easy at the dock with bits of shrimp on any small hook. I used a sabiki tipped with shrimp bits and rounded up 20 pinfish and one ribbon fish in 10 minutes before loading.
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    Best live bait for tuna would of course be live flyers if you cand get one out there.
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    One last thought on live bait, if you catch a 5 - 10 inch blue runner while bottom fishing send him down on a stout rig and hold on for dear life. They are AJ candy and a good sized bait will draw a big hit.
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    Buy license to cover the dock fishing and duration on the trip as others have mentioned. I’ve seen them watching as boat is unloaded and counting.

    Sabiki pin fish and ribbons from the dock. Live wells are community so most people are accommodating but I’ve seen other misguided people dip their nets in for some. Maybe boat didn’t make it clear that’s not for everyone’s use. Just depends on how willing you are to share

    While out deep, you should have a chance at flyers. Head boats usually have a dip net you can use or bring your own cast net. I hook thru lips on a weightless hook and let her fly

    Pinfish and ribbons I’ll tie a dropper rig and nose hook. Drop down and hang on.

    If you get a decent size bluefish or Bonita, I like to butterfly and remove the spine. Big hook in the lips and drop her down deep for big grouper

    One more thing, make sure if anyone catches a squid offshore that they don’t put it in the livewell, we learned the hard way after the ink killed the entire tank
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