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yeap, makes sense actually less dead throwbacks floating
You are dead-on with this. Almost all red snapper brought up from depths greater than 100 ft die because of swimbladder and eye problems. For divers this is a no brainer but basically gas doubles in volume for every 33 ft change in depth so the swimbladder of a fish at the surface pulled up from 100 ft is 6 times the size at the surface as it was at the bottom.
First the Cuda were getting them, now the dreaded blackfish AKA Flipper have learned to pick em off at the surface or on the way up, so even if the fish is successfully released it gets eaten before it can get back down.
NMFS hopes that by letting you take 2 fish of most any size, then you will fish for something else. I guess they never heard that a lot of people like to upgrade their catch in the cooler until they have the largest they can get. It happens alot with redfish over here in Florida.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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