albino sailfish

Discussion in 'Billfish' started by fish_on, Jan 25, 2009.

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    that's pretty cool. i always feel very lucky and thankful when i get to see something rare and special like that offshore. i've been luck enough to come across 4 seperate whale sharks and a pod of spinner dolphins that was probably the size of 2 oe 3 football fields. just one of the many sideshow attractions to fishing offshore.

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    I agree , the guys on the boat were Stoked !!! I have never seen one until this ... Just thought I'd share ..
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    We were out this April and I had the captain of another boat here call out he had a albino sailfish hooked up. He didn't get it to the boat though, but from what he described it looked just like the one in the picture. It's got to be pretty rare though, when he called it out over the radio we all got to talking and none of the charter captains here had ever seen one before.
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    That is pretty crazy