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  1. MrBill

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    I've been looking for a fast, small, strong knot for the braid to mono connection. I found this knot that is named after "Crazy" Alberto. He is an avid surf fisherman and photographer from the east coast.

    Sometimes when things get crazy and you need to tie a knot in the wind while your buddies are all hooked up can make you crazy. I can tie a bimini in about one minute. A Uni to Uni takes about 25 seconds. This knot can be tied in thirteen seconds and is very small and strong. It's smaller than a uni to uni.

    I tied it ten times with 80lb braid to 80lb mono and I couldn't break any of the knots. It is easy and fast. Very little practice is needed to perfect the knot. Give it a try. I like it.

    Alberto's Knot - Fishing Knot Article
  2. TeamOso

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    a bimini in 1 minute!?!?!?!?!:eek:

  3. rtran

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    nice, will try it out
  4. xs_tackle

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    Is there any reason to believe it's any stronger than an Albright with the same number of wraps?
  5. ksong

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    Alberto Knie is a good friend of mine. Very few fishermen fish harder than he does. The knot which is modified Albright knot is believed much stronger than Albright knot.
  6. TU-NA

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    Is there any reason to believe it's any stronger than an Albright with the same number of wraps?
    Test it ,me and a friend messed around one day testing different knots tied braid to mono, when tied rite the knot doesnt break, I was amazed in how much difference there was!
  7. SpecialK

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    I saw this somewhere. I kept breaking albright knots with braid to flourocarbon connections. This proved to be a winner!
  8. BretABaker

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    a bimini in 1 minute!?!?!?!?!:eek:

    I believe you - I just want to see a video, that's impressive!
  9. MrBill

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    I just tie a 12 turn bimini using braid. I used to tie a 30 turn, but found it isn't any stronger, if anything, its weaker. It's very fast. I was sitting at a table.
    I first tie a short loop for the pull through and set aside. I use a ball glass canning jar. I make a loop around the jar, then lift it up and give it a spin. One spin will make close to 12 turns.

    Then place the jar back on the table and make 8 reverse turns, place down the pre made loop, make four more turns, put the line through the loop, pull on the loop and tighten the knot. That's it. Takes about one minute with practice.

    On a boat, I use the palm end of a 30 or 50 reel. I have to manually make the 12 turns and manually the 12 opposite turns. It might take a minute and a half or up to two minutes on a boat.

    When making double line bimini's 14 feet long out on mono for marlin trolling, a helper is nice. But, it can be done by your self. I still use 20 turns on mono. Long double lines are a must for trolling big lures.

    Alberto Knie is an excellent photographer. I seen some his work. I believe some of his photo's have made the covers of the sportsfishing magazines.

    HUNTER II Guest

    I like the No Name Knot - We fish for school (50 - 200 lb) bluefin tuna off of Gloucester Massachusetts and one of our primary methods is casting popping plugs to the fish when they are surface feeding - We use the Spheros 14000's loaded with 65# Power Pro braid. We tie a 10' 50 - 80 lb flurocarbon leader to the braid using the no name knot. (See Below) Instead of using a Bimini we tie a false loop to start the knot. The tie offs on both sides of the single knot act as fair leads to guide the knots through the rod guides. Compared to what I had been using before bimini / double uni-knot I added 15 yds to my casts and simplified the knot tying effort. Over 2 summers and 20 plus fish the knot has yet to fail me. Try it you'll like it!!

    1. Run the shock leader up through the false loop about 10".

    2. With your index finger and thumb, pinch the leader and the end of the loop and then wrap the leader twelve to fifteen times around the doubled line.

    3. Run the tag of the leader back between the leader and the double lines and through the loop, leaving about 4-5" of leader tag extending from the loop.

    4. Cinch the knot down tight by moistening and pulling both the leader and the double line portion of the running line. Do not pull on the leader tag end!

    5.The braided tag end is tied of to running braid using several half hitches followed by a triple wrapped half hitch.

    6.The flurocarbon tag end is tied of to the running flurocarbon using a double wrapped half hitch.
  11. jureal

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    Boy, MrBill, you lost me on this one. This is a Bimini? It takes me less than a minute to tie a bimini but not the way you described it??????? :) :) I guess I don't have enough imagination to follow through on your explanation.
  12. MrBill

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    I'll do one and take photo's. It's a true bimini. Just my way of doing it. I'm sure the pictures will aid in my above description. At home when I tie the long doubles, I do a loop around one bedroom door knob then run it to another door knob down the hallway to get my length and start my turns.
  13. Fishhead56

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    1 to 2 min for a short Bimini. no prob for me either.

    left hand to hold the loop, right to make and spread the twist and teeth to feed the tag end on the reverse wrap.

    It take me as long to tie in the finishing half hitches as it does to

    make the twist.

    Keeping tension on the main line is the important step for me.

    Used to waste time finding a place to set a rod to keep this tension.

    While sitting.
    I've standardised by setting the rod\reel behind me with the rod laying forward over my left sholder and the tip about 2 feet above my head.
  14. SkeeterRonnie

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    i can tie a bimini pretty quick by using the wrap around my foot (with shoe on!).. but they suck and always break! the line always cuts itself. I dont like the bimini.
  15. fishr1989

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    alberto's knot is great!! i started using it this summer and was really impressed
  16. TeamOso

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    i can do the double bimini for marlin in about 3minutes but its not 14ft long and its not very pretty yet, still trying to perfect it ive almost used up a whole spool of 60lb trying to get it just right for this summer!
  17. MrBill

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    I hope these pictures help with what I was trying to explain in my above post. Let me first say that it is very very difficult to try and take pictures of yourself tying a knot. It's almost impossible to hold the twist tight with one hand and hold a camera in the other. The pictures aren't that great, but I think they will help.

    I don't tie the bimini with the half hitches to close off the knot. I was taught this method in the pictures by Gunsmoke in high school. That's when he had the patients to teach. I've been tying it for years and I am comfortable and confident with the results. It's been very reliable for me.

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  18. MrBill

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    I always glue the braid bimini after tying. Here's the finished knot. I then tie my leader with a "No Name, bristol, or Yucatan". I think all three are the same. With practice, the 12 turn bimini can be done under a minute. Speed isn't the issue. A precise knot is more important than a rushed knot. Get comfortable with your knots and stick with them.

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  19. Ragman

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    Thanks for reminding of the Alberto knot MrBill!

    I'll practice it to see if I can tie it quicker/better to replace my current method.
  20. Yonkey

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    This Alberto knot looks nice and strong knot in very short time. However, do you think that this is strong enough for 15lb line and 30lb leader light jigging setup? Thanks for advise.