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aerial photos for lake hotspots

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heres a good sight I have ran across for some local lake hotspots.. I have found tank dams, drains, ditches, holes, ponds, old roadbed/railroad tracks... I didnt know existed just by these photos... and the best part is you can get the EXACT GPS coordinates by putting the crosshairs on the object....

Pope-- look at Benbrook... you can choose which service to look at on the top left.... one set is with the lake full, another is with the lake about 15 feet low(thats the good one)...... its like the 2nd or 3rd icon down... see the point we were sitting on.... go up to the Rocky Creek barge area and look at the old railroad tracks going across the lake.. they are normally 6 feet on top, and 12 feet at the base, GPS those cuts in the tracks......fish stack up there...:cool:

Flash Earth ...satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash :D
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This IS a good tool. Thanks a million!
you can also zoom into areas offshore and "potlick" boats that are sitting on structure.. you should be able to tell if they are sitting still or moving by the whitewash behind the boat..... the GPS coord's are in the lower right hand... put the cursor on top of the object you want coord's on....

Minnows just came by and we were talking about something he found offshore....i didnt even think about offshore stuff....
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