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Advice: Stealth STK 78HH

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I have a 76H and extremely happy with this rod. I have 8K-PG on this sucker and excellent West Coast killing machine for Palegics to bottom dwellers. Now, i'm looking at adding the 78HH to the family. I plan on casting stickbaits and poppers ranging from 70-90grams. Seems 88grams to more common with the lures i have. Guys/Gals, would this rod suffice for this range of lure weights for casting or do you have a preferred weight and/or length? Also, what is your favorite size/type of reel for this rod? Looking for advice as I plan on picking up another 76H and possibly 2x 78HH since I primarily spend 90% of the time throwing lures on my LR trips on the West Coast. Range 3-6 day trips : P
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Killula. You catch on your Dbl H. Looking for the posture of Rod while on! Thanks.
Not yet. I caught a 130 lb bullshark on my phenix hybrid. Kicked it's ass in 7 mins
After reviewing the REEFER 7-11 and the GT 8-0. It appears the REEFER 7-11 has more bend in the ROD over the GT 8-0. Is that correct? The 7-11 would be a good yf ROD to what WEIGHT? The GT 8-0 seems like it would handle bigger yf. Is that correct? Thanks
I would tend to agree with you Dan, the GT 8-0 is a very serious rod, while far more powerful its also just all around heavier. Are we talking using the rods for Tuna or GTs ? I think the GT 8-0 is too much for YFT but the Reefer 7-11 I can see being very effective and alot of fun on large to XL Yellows.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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