Advice on Jigging and Popping rod for BFT

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by tunatuna, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. tunatuna

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    1. Looking for the BEST quality spinning rod for BFT jigging. Light weight, sensitive, and tons of backbone be able to handle up to a giant. i really prefer a short rod no longer than 6' (as short as possible). i had some experience with accurate,boca, and shimano trevala f. i was not very satisfied with the outcome... please advice....:) the rod will be fit on a 20KSW

    2. same request, but in a 8'6" or 8' popping rod.

  2. lordhell

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    What's your budget like? If you are on a fairly tight budget, go with OTI rods, they are awesome high quality built rods for their price, I love mine. Consider the new tuna sniper 40-60lb version for your popping rod.

    The OTI 600g rod is also a good option for jigging, or PM kilsong to check out Jigging Master 400/500g rod. I have one of those and they are super solid and light weight.

    If you don't care about warranty in US... Smith AMJ, Shimano BlueRose, Carpenter One Hundred, Tuna Max are all very good jigging rods.

    Go read up on other ppl's experience with them and make your choice, you probably won't go wrong with any of the ones I listed above. ;)

  3. kidflex

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    jigging rods-
    smith wgj 56h,
    JM power spell 400-500gm.
    oti 600gm
    blue rose 60md
    carpenter oh series
    (medium heavy)-depends on how big of fish your talking about
    smith amj 52ex
    hots wei world 48xxh
    oti 400gm


    look at the shimano caranx kaibutsu series, nice rods and good price.ebay-minstortackle has great prices
  4. rtran

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    There are no rods that are "Light weight, sensitive, and tons of backbone" that will handle giant.
  5. canyondiver

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    There are no rods that are "Light weight, sensitive, and tons of backbone" that will handle giant.
    A giant is in another class altogether.
    I would love to see someone nail a 600+ fish on a spinner though :)
  6. BretABaker

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    Hey man, the pic below was caught on an OTI jig. No worries abt the popping rod (7'6") - the 2nd pic was caught using the OTI popping rod in under 5 min. Very quick. I plan on using the same rod in Panama for big tuna along with the lighter tuna sniper for roosterfish, cuber snapper, etc....maybe tuna as well, we shall see :)

    I would wait to buy a rod for the bluefin this year since we don't knowhow big they'll be. If they are the same size as 2008 then 80lb rod will work well

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  7. BretABaker

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    Oh, I weight abt 255 for reference.
  8. rtran

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    You could take in mind Ocean Revolution have tuna popping rods that will be available April.

    OTI Tuna Sniper also in the line up. I've pulled on both rod classes on the tuna sniper and they are plenty beefy. I liked the 80lb class so much that I've actually got something in the works now..=)

    I'm sure both can handle big tuna in 100-200# class as they rate conservatively. They both have great casting distance also.
  9. ksong

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    When you consider any jigging rod or popping rod for tuna, check the max drag of the rods.
    In my subjective opinion, max drag of 20 lbs good for tuna upto 100 lbs, max drag of 25 lbs good upto 150 lbs tuna and max drag of 30 lbs good for tuna in 200 lbs range. You can not buy a rod which can handle 50 lbs tuna as well as 600 lbs tuna as there are no such rods exist.

    I have a great respect for power of big tuna. Some guys easily say some long popping rods can handle 200 lbs tuna, but I don't.
  10. Sportfisherman

    Sportfisherman Senior Member

    I agree with Kil , for big tuna I prefer to use my GT rods and they are 7'8" in overall length .

    Jon .
  11. tunatuna

    tunatuna Senior Member

    Finally be able to hold some jigging rods in hand..

    On the other hand, i have a hard time to decide which rods.. they are all beautiful rods, so i need you guys help even more in detail. i am about 6'5", got long arms.. pretty new to jigging. I have been an avid surfcasting anglers for about 8 years
    reel that will be used on following rods are 20KSW.

    Those are the rods that i hold today, hope you guys can input some detail in those models.

    1. Smith AMJ-S52EX
    2. Carpenter OH56MH-S
    3. Smith WRC-55NIRAI
    4. Smith WJC forgot exact model number
    5. zenaq fokeeo jigging rods FS--- forgot exact number..

    Thank you very much
  12. moonsoft

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    Get a Hopper rod :) I got it as the first rod i used for jigging, landed 385lb's of BFT with it, was alot of fun, the only regret was something a little bigger for popping for YFT, but all in all I think it's a GREAT ROD!!!

    check Fishing Tackle Unlimited for it, i got the 600 model and would recommend it highly, others i have talked to had recommended the same.
  13. kidflex

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    carpenter, i love my oh56mh. i havent used it yet but feels awesome and has a good bend.
  14. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    carpenter, i love my oh56mh. i havent used it yet but feels awesome and has a good bend.

    I second kidflex on the carpenter, it's light as hell and feels like it can yank a monster out of the deep. :D