Advice needed for Long Range Trip!

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by crazy8, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Heres the deal, a friend of mine is graduating from college this coming spring/early summer. He doesnt want a celebration party/gifts. Instead his father is paying for he and I to go to San Diego, for a 3-6 day long range trip. He has his heart set on a long range trip- and Im not paying for anything but tackle/gear for myself so Im in!

    I have never fished in that area. Besides searching on Google, Im having a hard time picking out what boat to go on.

    We will be going in July/August.

    Any recommendations are appreciated! Rods, reels, line, lures, hooks- any info is great!

    It seems like we should each be bringing
    -a selection of live bait hooks from 2/0-5/0
    -three rods/reels (I planned on my Acc. 665C, Trinidad 20, Saragosa 8000)
    -selection of sinkers
    -jigs/casting irons
    -extra line/leaders
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    For San Diego long range info you might try Bloodydeck.

  3. johndtuttle

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    All of the long range boats have their own web sites that list recommended gear for their style of fishing (primarily live bait soaking). The 3-6 day boats target Yellow Tail, schoolie YFT and schoolie BFT and a 100lber is a whopper on the shorter trips mid summer like you are planning on.

    BD has a long range forum that can help you with any questions or boat recommendations you may need. If you are planning on tossing surface lures be prepared for strange looks and "those don't work" on our fish (lol) attitudes.
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    If you have a choice, a 5 or 6 day trip in August will give you a good chance at several different types of fishing, including Guadalupe island, Cedros island, and offshore tuna. Guadalupe tuna often run up to 100# or so. In addition, Cedros island offers good yellowtail and variety type fishing.

    A 3 day trip will most likely stay offshore the entire time, and have much less variety. Often these trips feature very good fishing, but usually are catching 30# class tuna, with a low percentage shot at bigger fish. These 3 day trips can be seriously hampered by rough offshore weather. Longer trips will allow the captain a few options to combine good fishing in good conditions.

    The later in the summer you go, the better chance of catching those 100# class tuna at Guadalupe.

    I would focus on a time frame first, then a boat, and then the gear. You do not need to go overboard on gear. The top tier boats offer rental gear cheap or loaner gear for free. Please feel free to pm or email me if other posters do not answer all of your questions. There are many opinions on which boat to choose, I have fished several, and I will objectively discuss them. But not in an open forum.
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    Depends how early you can go, if April Shogun has an 8 day @1500 goes to Alijos Rocks, can get 70#+ tuna and then get slammed by 50#+ yellowtail @ night at Alijos highspot, then head to Cedros for more major yellowtail action.
    Later in the year,5-6 day trips you'll do Cedros, but not Lupe till Sept and then only MAYBE and generally not on a 5 day.
    Your gear is fine although I would add another 50# 7" rig cause then you can go up or down as fishing dictates.
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    Post this on bloddy decks like laready stated or maybe John Jr from trophy will chime in and help you out as well. But off the top of my head you will want at least a short jigging rod and say your 665 loaded with 80lb braid, your gonna need a standup rod with a 30 for chunking a 50w for trolling. You may want to contact the boat to see what kind of settups they rent?? If you dont do many offhsore trips you really should rent the 30 and 50 settups and put your money elswhere.

    You can go to "Excels" website to get a better idea of what gear you need.

    Good Luck!
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    Fishing Forums - Boating - Reports - ::
    These two are by far the most popular forums. Allcoast keeps theres a little more cleaned up along the lines of our Texas forums and bloodydecks allows more freedom in language, but nothing severe PG-13 at worst.

    When I get the chance to go I will try for a July trip because of the variety of fish potentially caught: albacore, bluefin, yellowfin tunas; yellowtail, dolphin, and some of the boats will bottom fish they call all bottom fish rock fish I think. You will need the longer trips to really have a good chance at the variety. I think they are kind of weenie type trips you know chef, snack bar and prepare yourself.........they night! and fish during the day. The Big E would probably be towards the bottom of the list in that fleet so you really wont go wrong. My favorite is the Red Rooster III middle of the road price and they sometimes "rock fish" for a day or a partial day and I like perch fishing and it adds to the variety which is good for my family we eat lots of fish. The two highest end boats. Intrepid the newest, biggest, fanciest and you will find negative stuff on them on the above forums as they are the new kids on the block and the other boats have not fully accepted them in the click or "code group". Look at their reports they catch fish just fine and just as well as the others. The Excel is also a top end boat. My opinion they are top in reference to boat and accomodations, they all catch fish.

    Other boat names to google: Spirit of Adventure, Polaris Supreme, Royal Star, Shogun, Searcher, Qualifier 105, American Angler, Royal Polaris, Independence, there are probably others that I am missing this is just off the top of my head. Good luck it will be a tremendous trip no doubt.

    Last thought, those west coast guys are serious tackle ho's. They recommend bringing crazy numbers of rods; they will tell you that you need a 20lb outfit, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 80lb, 100lb and etc... I am sure you can get by with three (heck one or two if thats what you have) and vary your top shots. A good spinner will probably cover a good deal of those rods, but they still sneer at the "coffee grinders".
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    what a graduation present!
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    Thanks for all the insight guys! PM's answered!

    I need to do some more research.

    Seems like they all use/suggest the same gear.

    I think my Trini20 (casting), Acc665 (jigging/light chunking), Avet30w (chunking/trolling), Saragosa8000 (popping/jigging) should cover all the bases.

    The Excel seems nice, but a little pricey. Not sure if the accomodations will matter that much (we are going there to fish right?). Gotta do some thinking.
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    I have fished just about every boat in SD from 3 to 15 trips. Like everone said ,decide on the time you are going and length of trip. Pick a boat and then call the boat. 3-5 day trips don't really require much tackle. 20-30 40 50 plus trolling rods. Most boats have trolling gear for you to use. Again call the boat