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Accurate Twin Spin 30

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The best spinning on the market, Smooth drag, and Nice Handle JMO
Gear Ratio...6:1..Line Capacity
500yds/65lb. spectra...Weight 32 oz.

Real nice and smooth spinning reel. Although, Ive only had a chance to test
it on a small red snapper, Id have to say this is one of the nicest that
Ive handled.

I compared it side by side with Daiwa Saltiga 6500 Expedition, and Shimano
Stella 20000FA. This reel has a smoother drag than either the Saltiga or the
Stella. Also it looks a lot better.


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Thanks for the info TJ.

I've finally decided to build a spinner for topwater and I'm set on the twin spin.

Now just have to work with Txseadog to build the rod.

Kevin- You out there?

I am having a hard time deciding which reel should i get, Accurate twin spin 30 or Daiwa Saltiga Z6500 DogFight.
Ragman, I'm here...

TJ, you sure you want a high speed reel?
Great Kevin!

TJ- In the pics of the two Accurate reels on this post, is the black finish smaller than the other one?
Tom, they are both the same size.
Well I beg to differ... they are yons away from Stellas. Smooth drag? cannot compare with a Stella, lasting drags I'm sure though. Nice handles? it didnt take my jigging, the screw on the elbow of the handle came off, bad design, no such screw on a stella power handle. Smoothness? they are far from smooth, even a early model Stella is smoother.

And for $900 bucks.. ouchhh I can get a stella SW for $700+ with a spare spool, handle and maintenance kit and most importantly SMOOTHHHHH and RELIABLE.

If you think of getting the reel for jigging, think again, it is a high speed model, you will suffer!

that's why they make so many different reels. i own several stella's,a few diawa satiga's and one accurate. you are right about the handle on the accurate. i had accurate make a handle with a full power knob on it and i love it. none of the stella's are the pg model and are the earlier 16000 series so maybe i am not comparing apples to apples but i prefer the accurates and the diawa saltiga's over the stella's. on my saltiga's i have also upgraded the handles to the expedition handles makes jigging much more comfortable with my big hands. they all put out about the same amount of drag so it really comes down to a feel and looks as to whats turns you on with the reels. all reels will do a great job at jigging and casting poppers and landing those fish after your hooked up. so get what feels great to you and enjoy the hell out of it fishing.

by the way randy i am looking for some solid colored glow in the dark jigs in a 10 to 16 ounces size. i purchased some from japan 5 years ago and can't seem to locate any more. they were shaped like the river 2 sea zero dropper long jigs but were solid glow in the dark and not 1/2 glow in the dark and some other color. drop me an email if you have a source.....rick
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The only all long glow jigs available locally are the smith jack knife but i don't have them in 10oz.

When I was jigging in LA, glow jigs worked best in green water. We sighted a couple of cobias near a buoy and everybody threw in a flashy jig, I used a small hooker glow jig and got the fish even though I drop the jig when everyones jig was already in the water.


PS - Fisherman jigs are damn expensive! but I found a website in Japan that is selling at selling them at close to 70% discount - http://store.yahoo.co.jp/bluewater/a1d4fisher1.html

If you look closely at the crazy long (a very popular model some time back) a major tackle manufacturer actually cloned it and is selling under a different name.
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thanks kil song and randy. i will check them out. by the way does the big e have a crane to lift my jig box to the upper deck....rick
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