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Accurate Knob Blown Up

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I was in Mrbill's work area this afternoon and dropped in for a quick visit. I finally found him at his desk talking on the phone. I couldn't help but notice four of those golf ball or wiffle ball handles that come on the new Accurates being used as paperweights. I picked one up and started tossing up in the air and catching it with my hand. After he hung up the phone, he said "That reminds me, I need to call up Accurate and order some parts."

This is how I heard the conversation:

Mrbill- "I need to speak to someone in the parts Dept."
Secretary - "Let me connect you with someone that can help you"
Mrbill- "Hi, I need to order some parts"
Parts Guy- "What tackle shop are you with"
Mrbill- "I'm just an individual that needs some parts."
Parts Guy- "Do you know what parts you need"
Mrbill- "Yes, but I don't have the part numbers because the schematic
you provided with the reel isn't the two speed model."
Parts Guy- "What model of reel"
Mrbill- "665 Two speed"
Parts Guy- "We don't have the parts break schematic down for the 2- speed models right now. That's why it wasn't in the box. Mrbill- "How did you make the reel if you don't have a drawing"
Parts Guy- Remains silent.
Mrbill- "OK, let me describe what I need." You know the reel clamp that comes
with the reel. Well, I want to order three of ones that are longer and
and have the hole in it so I can attach a lure to it".
Parts Guy- "That doesn't come with the reel"
Mrbill- "Yeah, I know. I don't like the one it comes with. I want the one
that has the hole sticking out so I can put a hook in it.
Parts Guy- "You only need one"
Mrbill- "No, I want three."
Parts Guy- "It only takes one"
Mrbill- "I know it only takes one, but I want three."
Parts Guy- "You only need one"
Mrbill- "Put down three in the quantity row"
Parts Guy- "Are you sure"
Mrbill- "Yes, I have three reels!!!! Do you even know the part number?"
Parts Guy- "No, but I know what your talking about. I think it's called
a lanyard reel seat"
Mrbill-"Well, I want three lanyard reel seats to fit the 665 two speed"
Parts Guy- "OK, anything else"
Mrbill-"Yes, you know that little golf ball knob you put on the 665 two speeds. It has
two ball bearing on it. I need the ball bearing that is the closet one to the outside.
The one that fits inside the hollow part of the golf ball. It's the smaller of the two that
go on the golf ball. I need one of those bearings."
Parts Guy-"Why do you need that bearing"
Mrbill- "Because I lost it"
Parts Guy- "Did you remove the knob?"
Parts Guy- "Why"
Mrbill- "I don't like it"
Parts Guy-"You don't like what"
Mrbill- "I don't like that tiny weenie knob you provide with the reel, so I took it off"
Parts Guy- "What happened to the bearing"
Mrbill- "Hell I don't know. It fell on the F##King ground and rolled away into
the world of lost parts".
Parts Guy- "You don't like the knob"
Mrbill-"No, it's to small. I hate it. That's why I took it off. Don't you have
people complaining about it?.
Parts Guy-"No, never. Everybody loves it. I've never heard a single complaint"
Mrbill-"Well, I can't believe that. Let me be the first to complain. It sucks.
Have you ever tried cranking that little wiffle ball with 30 pounds of
It will put a dent in your hand. My thumb is bigger in diameter than
that little sucker. That knob should only be used for a children's
piggy perch contest!!!."

Parts Guy-"It's a very popular knob. If you don't like it, we have other options for handles"
Mrbill-"I already took care of it. I had some made that fit my hand"
Parts Guy-"Then why do you need the bearing"?
Mrbill-"I had my new knobs machined to accept that size bearing. I'm not
planning on eating it to test my gut!!!"
Parts Guy- "So, you want three bearings?"
Mrbill- "No, I only want one"
Parts Guy- "I thought you wanted three."
Mrbill- "Put down one in the quantify row for that bearing"
Parts Guy- "But you ordered three reel lanyards"
Mrbill- "That's right. But I only need one GD bearing!!!!"
Parts Guy- "Anything else"
Mrbill- "No, I don't think I could endure ordering another part!!!!

After he gives the guy billing info, he hangs up the phone and reaches under his desk.
Out comes a 12 gauge pump riot type shotgun. He tells me to take the knob in my
hand outside. When we get outside I was instructed to toss it in the air. KABOOOM.
He nailed it. It went flying onto the roof of the warehouse next door. That wiffle ball fishing
knob will rest in peace in that gutter for years to come.

That was fun. I think I'll drop in more often. I like seeing some action at the work place. Next time I'll bring ear protection. :D
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lol.....that's another classic Mr. Bill / Gunsmoke story that can go into the book.

Hey, Nice to meet you Mr. Gunsmoke. Are you related to Sluggo??


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Thanks Gunsmoke.. I needed some humor to get my year started right..
Thats pretty funny!!!
LOL!!! That is great.
That was hilarious! Now, how much of this is fact?
you guys hiring? :)
That was hilarious! Now, how much of this is fact?

He actually left out some things, but he hit it pretty much on the money. I keep three firearms at work. All hidden in different spots. I've had some problems in the past.

GS owned a building downtown in the early 90's. He turned the basement into a shooting range. He lined it with tons of cork along the walls and ceiling. That building has more lead piled up in the basement then the Port Aransas Jettys has lead weights stuck in the rocks. He had a full time employee that reloaded rounds all day long.

When you walked on the street level, you could hear all these muffled BOOMS. Nobody ever figured it out. He told the people on the second floor that it was an old boiler making the loud noise. They bought into it. That was a fun place to go unload some lead. It was a full pledged 50 yard range with moving targets and strobe lights to simulate night battles. It was his own private range. Any of his friends could come at any time to blast away their frustrations.
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Mr Bill you have certainly had an adventure getting the right sized handles made, but the rewards of comfort are going to make you glad you did... hard to put a price on Comfort.

Why is it that Parts people are so Dang Hard Headed if you want to go against there Idea of traditonal orders?? Don't even get me started on Aircraft parts orders from the major manufacturers.

We ordered 4 wing skins before we got one that fit the plane.. these were 16ft long 3ft wide $13,000 bonded assemblies. LoL.... I feel your pain!
Next time I am in the area I am coming by for a first hand tour. Sounds like a nice place to work. You never have to worry about a nut coming in and shooting up the place. There are several days I wish I could throw my phone in the air and blow it away in the back parking lot!
Next time I am in the area I am coming by for a first hand tour. Sounds like a nice place to work. You never have to worry about a nut coming in and shooting up the place. There are several days I wish I could throw my phone in the air and blow it away in the back parking lot!
HAHA while I was dove hunting during a work day last year, my phone would not stop ringing long enough for me to shoot a bird. The last time I hund it up I handed it to my uncle and said see how far you can throw this....BOOOOM!!!

I never take my phone hunting anymore...
now I know why I waste so much time on this dang thing
great fishing story
that is a great story!!
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