Accurate B2-50 question

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by stresst, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    I was wondering if anyone has this reel? I need to know how yards of 80lb mono would fit? I need actual results, not accurate's line counter results. TY
  2. titan05

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    Here is a quick way to figure line

    80 pound is the same as 18 pound mono so the formula is this

    100 is the same as 20 pound so..........................

    the B2-50 is 800 yds of 100 pound or 800 yds of 20 pound

    Multiply the yardage by the pound test for mono

    800 x 20 = 16,000

    Now divide the total of 16,000 by the mono size for 80 pound which is 18

    16,000 / 18 = 888.89 yds

    that should get you within 10 yds +/- if you pack the reel the proper way.

  3. stresst

    stresst Senior Member

    There is no way! I have seen that method before but this reel cant be more than 4,500 maxxx!!