Accurate B2-197 and B2-870N?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DEA, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. DEA

    DEA Member

    Any feedback on either reel? Good, bad, ugly?

    I've read some issues with the 665 from Kil and others, so gonna steer away from it till Accurate decides to remedie the issue(s) on way or the other.

    I already have the single speed low gear ratio of the same reels (197 and 870) so I figured now I can get hi and low gear too!


  2. stresst

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    IMO they are both great reels. The 870N I was able to get 300yds of 65lb on it, good enough for any tuna we find over here. I would want more line if I was on a party boat but thats my opinion. The 197, first I had the 4.6/1 loved it used it from ocean fluke, stripers,blacks and even caught double header 25lb cod in 150ft of water. I just got the B2-197 and havent used it yet but just so you all now its the same gearbox and sideplate off a 270 which has been proven durable.

    So all in all with those two reel you are covered!