accurate 80w vs. alutecnos 80w

Discussion in 'Reels' started by ec12348, Dec 29, 2008.

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    I am in the market for a stand up tuna reel. I currently have my heart set on the accurate 80w or the alutecnos 80w. I have read just about every post on these two reels and need help trying to make a decision. From what I have read the accurate is a better reel in reguards to the drag but the alutecnos is better because of less maintenance. Both reels have a great track record from what I have read. Could some one help me that has used any one of the two. Is the maintenance that much more on the accurate over the alutecnos. I do not mind spending the money if it is worth it. This reel will be mounted on a black bart rod.

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    Am I right in assuming that this reel is for giant bluefin? Any particular reason you need an 80? If you must have an 80 I'd skip the wide version of either reel, both manufacturers make a standard width 80 and for stand-up fishing I much prefer the narrow version.

    Have you ever held an Accurate 80W? It could double as an emergency anchor and weighs in over 30 oz. heavier than the Alutecnos 80. I'm not sure what you mean by better in regards to drag, both pull an enormous amount, and in the case of the accurate, way more than would be safe for anyone on stand-up gear.

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    i have an alutecnos 80w. i have never had a chance to use it. i like this reel because it is quiet when you crank. i cant stand winding 300+yards of line and having to hear that clicking sound on any conventional reel. alutecnos is reel smooth too. pm me, i can hook you up with alutecnos for blackmarket prices!
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    can you get me a gorilla 12 for cheap? ;)
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    I have an Accurate 80 regular size and find it to be the most impressive reel I have ever used. Mine, however, is relegated to being a Kite reel for tuna. 200 pound tuna have no chance with this thing. I happen to fish out of a harness and use the rail as well so holding it is no big deal but many find the 80 size reels just too cumbersome. Here on the west coast 80 size reels are being replaced with smaller and smaller reels as Spectra has pretty much enhanced the line capacity of all reels. I have used the Shimano 80 size reel and I made the decision to get the Accurate and have never looked back. Looooove it. So if your heart is set on an 80 get the regular version though I believe there is also a narrow version out there.

    Best of luck on your decision

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    This was my first year with the atd80n, No problem and well balanced with full stand up harness. I am looking to get another, no need for the wide, fill with jb130 and topshot and your set for a grander!