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    I went saturday. Parking was insane!!!!!!! Traffic was wall to wall. We actually left for a while, got lunch and came back hoping to get a spot closer. Ended up at the Trump casino parking lot. Long lines inside to see the big boats. I did not care but the kids like going in them, some had a 1hr wait. They made money this year. Kids wanted AC boat show shirts but they were sold out already. My suggestion is take the train. I was not impressed with the high end Centers. Too many frills on them. Not much fishing room up front. The Scout 35 T-top was so big I don't think you could cast off the back. The only 2 I liked for pure fishing was the Reg and Yellowfin. RE-upped my seatow, got some new 9ers( they have a new 8 arm model) a couple charts. Stop by the Tornament cable booth and said Hi. Looked into getting some gull wings for the Bluewater for those cold striper days and runs back from the canyon. It was a good day and the kids had fun. Just the Traffic and parking was bad. I will take the train next year.
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    I agree. I live in Atlantic city so I was lucky. But the parking was rediculous.
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    Wow! Traffic must have been a killer? Took you 3 years to get home and answer this post :D :lol: