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Discussion in 'Reels' started by chuckiek1, Mar 24, 2008.

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    I'm new so, Hi.

    I end up in Palau once or twice a year for scuba and fishin'. I'm usually out on a private/small boat.

    Gottan 7' Ugly Tiger Stick + Abu 6500 (with Suffix 50#) for casting and trolling inside the reef.

    I figure I need something for outside. Preferably something that can cast, and troll. I figure on using an Ugly Tidewater (yep, I like Ugly's) stand-up for the trolling and the Tiger for casting, but need the reel.

    Anything can bite in Palau outside the reef. What do you all think would be the reel for maximum business?

    Prices: under $200 or between $200 and $400. I'd like both please.
  2. Minnow

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    Welcome to 360tuna.

    For your budget I would suggest you to go with an Avet 30 or Shimano TLD 20 or 30 or find a used Accurate 665.

  3. Formula4Fish

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    Howdy chuckiek1,

    Minnow is right on about the Avet 30 or a Shimano TLD-30, but I disagree about the Accurate 665. While it is a first class reel for jigging and dropping, I don't believe it has nearly enough line capacity for trolling, and it's waaaay higher than the specified range of $200-$400.

    TLD30II's are everywhere for $280, and suitable for most anything you'll hook up except really big Blue Marlin or very big Tuna. An Avet Pro EX 30/2 is going to tip the scales around $430.
  4. txseadog

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    Another vote for a TLD-30. Used ones in good condition regularly sell for $175-200 on Ebay.

  5. Uncle Russ

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    The other thing I would say about the 665 is this. I have no experience trolling, but I do have some with 1 of the single speed 665 s and 3 of the two-speeds. And I would say, if you need much drag for your trolling above 20 pounds (or maybe 25, which is the stated maximum,) they can get a little squirrely inside and make unwelcome noises--(kind of like Uncle Russ in his old age.) Again, I don't know if you need more drag for trolling for the critters in that location, but I have always assumed that you tend to get into larger ones than you do chunking.

  6. chuckiek1

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    OK. I'm going to get specific as my initial question lacked detail.

    I want to cast onto the reef. I ask you all as you deal with all facets of fishing (tuna seem to require all techniques).

    More info:
    The locals talk about: schooling tuna, AJ, Maui, Rainbow Runners, Dolphin, YFT, Trevalli, etc. All 1 cast off/onto the reef; it's all blue water right off the reef as Palau is just one gigantic, old coral reef. They routinely troll squid skirts by hand with 60 - 100# line. The major requirement being you've got to be fast as sharks get to the tuna before you can pull them in, and you don't have to worry about sharks on the GT or other fast running fish as they can't catch them (my inference).

    I figure I'll need max. drag cause anything can hit. It used to be Marlin a stones throw offshore, now it's 13mi.; the wonders of industrial fishing.

    So is it a stretch to say that the Abu (6500TC:6:3:1, 14/245, mono/suffix 50#/mono/steel 60# leader) + Ugly Tiger 7' (10-50#) will deal with whatever I find casting onto the reef (normal disclaimers apply), or am I in a situation where I need a heavier casting reel? The locals have trolling reels (Penn 12's and 14's), but we're not talking about fighting chairs here.

    To tell y'all the truth. I feel overwhelmed by it all (this is my first time to be in a dream fishin' position-I'm a freshwater, trout, worm-dipper by birth); I just want to be prepared as this will be my first time outside the reef, and I've seen some pretty big fish whilst diving. I've also lost some nice ones inside the reef due to lack of preparation.
  7. Bellyups

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    No one has mentioned a trinidad 40. A trini 40 should have at least 33 pounds of drag, and backed with spectra, will have good line capacity. It also has an adjustable clicker for live baiting. You should be able to cast, jig, live bait, and troll with a trini 40. This would be my choice.

    Another option would be the saltiga 50, but drag strength is only in the lower 20s.
  8. WesternPacific

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    I realize that this is an old thread, but, living and fishing in Palau, I have a locals perspective. My recommendation would be to get a spinning outfit. Nobody who is serious about popping and stickbaiting uses an overhead in the islands.
    I think the 50# Ugly would be ok for a cheap rod (saltiga Ulua might be ok too on a budget) and I would go for a Spheros 14000 (or thereabouts) FB with PE#6 -PE#8 depending on your tastes. As for the GTs not getting eaten by sharks... it happens anyfish is slow once hooked.
    What ever you bring, you will have a ball, no doubt, dont forget to bring HEAPS of lures, the sharks love them!!