A record day on the Riptide!!!!!!

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    Ok, I'm smoked, but here is the loose play by play. I had a killer crew on the boat. These guys are from CT and fish a ton. We got out early and got to yesterdays first set of numbers. The birds were there and so were some fish, but it wasn't setting up well. The fish were staying up for a bit, but when they went down they stayed down a long time. I didn't want to wait on them so we bailed and left fish to find fish.

    We hit the second set of numbers and found a bunch of smaller groups of birds and fish that would stay up and when they went down it was brief and they were back up in a minute or two and only a hundred wayrds away.

    The guys went to work and in no time we had 8 fish to the boat. 8 for 8 perfect score. They knew about yesterday and swore two 14 year olds would not outfish them. We had a double and got the two fish wrapped, lost one we were 9 for 10. Then we broke a fish off, not sure how, 9 for 11. Then the guys got back on track and got us to the dozen mark. At that point I got into the game and went 3 for 3. Making us 15 for 17.

    The last fish of the day was the "under fish" I got a 44"er on a swimming plug. All the rest were "over" fish on Ocean Lures. The fish ran 48-52" with two larger 58-60" class fish that came from some deeper water. All but the two we kept were released boatside with single hooks.

    The first few fish the guys took 15 minutes or so to land. In short order they were muscling them in on the Stella / Big Guns in 5-7 minutes. The fast turnaround time and a bunch of doubles gave us the high numbers.

    I thought that 5 for 8 was a great day, then setting the boat record with 10 was insane. Not quite sure what to make of this........

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    thats SICK!,,, great trip.
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    EPIC report dude!
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    Now that is a sweeeet coupla days!!!! But everybody knows guys from CT can't fish or shoot straight. Admit it, you were holdin their hands!!:p