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A Few More Jigging Master Blanks!

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Hey Guys -
Just wanted to let all the rod builders out there know that we are almost entirely sold out of Jigging Master Blanks.

We still have the L and M version of the Jigging Master Three Kings Blank, and an L version of the Jigging Master Fallings Limited Blank. The Specifications are below:

Three Kings Special L - 5'3, 120 - 300g, PE3 - PE6, Max Power ~ 16KG (90 Degrees) and 26KG (50 Degrees)

Three Kings Special M - 5'3, 250 - 400g, PE4 - PE8, Max Power ~ 18.5KG (90 Degrees) and 33KG (50 Degrees)

Fallings Limited L - 5'5, 100 - 260g, PE3 - PE6 Max Power ~ 13kg (90 degrees)
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Still have some of these!
Only have one Three Kings and Two Falling limited blanks left!
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