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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by capitanmarcos, Mar 10, 2007.

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    Been fishing everyday since the end of January and finally got a day to catch up on some reports. Been a good season with a lot of sails here. There are some tuna about every other week. Right after Bret left Goags came down for a few days fishing and the tuna were here. They spanked a couple of nice ones with John. I was flyfishing for sails. Had good trips on fly. Couple of pending world record black skipjack for womens 8 and four pound tippets. Big bait balls on one day and couldn't get them to bite anything. Two to three hundred pound fish swimming right unde the boat. Clients (and myself) were pulling out our hair trying to get them to bite. Where is the speargun when you need it. Going to the house now to take my daughter and stepdaughter swimming at the beach. Go get that world record junoir jack for my stepson tomorrow. Fished yesterday and caught sails and dorado. Keep you posted and I'll download the pictures. Catchemup.
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    hey mark
    were you able to use that fishfinder gps combo that i sent down with goags(jerry)? we are trying to get a trip together for next year. will let you know as soon as things get firmed up....rick

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    Whats up mark?? I was wondering what happened to you guys.. are yall still fishing????
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    Hey Bret and Rick,
    Still fishing or fixing things on the boat. Going to try and put the depth finder/gps on today or tomorrow. Have to put new shifter cable on Johns boat and change oil first. Lots of reel repair and rod eyes also.