990 Pound Colossal Squid

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    A fishing crew off New Zealand has caught a colossal squid that could weigh a half-ton and prove to be the biggest specimen ever landed. The squid, weighing an estimated 990 pounds and about 39 feet long, took two hours to land in Antarctic waters off New Zealand.

    They were catching Patagonian toothfish, sold under the name Chilean sea bass, south of New Zealand and the squid was eating a hooked toothfish when it was hauled from the deep. The diameter of the squid would produce calamari rings the size of a tractor tire.

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  2. Pope

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    I saw that on BD last week and was hoping for a pic outside of the water. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bret

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    Thats some serious calamari right there.. I would hate to encounter that thing will diving.. that would scare me senseless...
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    That reminds me of a girl I dated in college--haven't seen her in years.