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9500 upgrades

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what upgrades should I do to my 9500? Specifically, drag and anti reverse. I'm in Red River New Mexico wishing I was tuna fishing.
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Here's an upgrade page:

I'm not sure about upgrading the drag, I've asked several shops, including Southwestern Parts and they didn't know about any drag upgrades.

A good source for parts is:
Welcome to the site Etan,

Where have you been?
It has been a while since I see you post on other boards. Please keep us update on how's the fishing in your area.

Here is a link for upgrade your Penn 9500.
We have been traveling a lot the last few months but I have been lurking and keeping up with everything. I think the link you gave me will work but how do I get it in English? Congrats on getting married and I'm glad to see you are back fishing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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