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Went back to Cape Cod and fished with the Black Rose charters
the crew was Randy[Anglers-proshop] Victor and myself. The day started
slow with only small pods of tunas showing and very shy, but as soon as the
sun started to come out the pods got bigger and bigger and at one point
it was a all out blitz. There were tunas of all sizes all over, it was run and gun style of fishing for most of the day it was really amazing how many
tunas are up in Cape Cod. We ended the day going 9 for 11 with many
other missed hits.Tackle house shibuki,Baby runboh were the lures of the day.

My first one of the day.

My second one

Small blitz

Randy hooked up

Randy with a very nice tuna

Randy and i hooked up with are third each of the day.

Randy,me and Victor with are limit for the day.

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Great catch! what rods where you using?

Hi Fathom,

I was using a smith 8' 80p/35 popping stick

Randy was using a Carpenter hl-tn 8'7''

Victor was using a Tenryu spike tuna

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John, congratulations for another good trip.
I planned to go up Cape Cod on past Sunday, but I had to fly to Korea on Thursday as my father-in-law passed away.
I am back now and dirve down to Cape May to fish Willington canyon tomorrow. We plan to hit a few scallop draggers on the way out or on the way in as there are reports that they catch bluefin upto 300 lbs behind the draggers now.
By the way, how do you like the action of 80P/35 ?
I have one for spinning and plan to make a conventional tavel jiggingrod from 80P/35 blank.

Hi Kill,

Im very sorry about your father in law.

Your back and ready to fish;) good luck at the willington canyon, reports
are very good.Im going back to Cape Cod this Friday :)

I realy like the 80p/35 its not a soft rod has lots of backbone, i think
you will like it.
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