9/1-9/4 N'east canyons

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    Left Central CT at around 2pm monday the 1st and arrived with little traffic in Point Judith RI at around 4ish. Cruised around the local tackle shops buying odds and ends, payed my ticket and bs'ed with a few of the mates who ive become good friends with, we clear the break wall at 10pm to a little swell nothin bad. Start out south and it gets worse as we go. We wake up to 8-10's but they were spread out nicely just the repetative up and down....no crashing bow or pitchin sideways. Get to our first stop (not sure exactly where) and start the troll. Put out a 14 rod spread,: 2 bird teasers way back followed by green machines some zuker feathers and some tuna hunter jets a few swimbaits etc... Troll till sundown the first day with only 3 40-50 pound class longfin to show for it. 1 of which caught on the way back bird/ green machine combo and the other 2 on a rubber ballyhoo with a purple and black small jethead. we anchor up around 7pm and pull anchor at around 6am not one fish of any kind come in the boat..... :mad: :eek: Just dont get it squid everywhere but not one damn tuna. 630am The trolling gear goes back out weather still at around 8's with 25knot winds horrible trolling weather but manage to put around 23 or 24 40-50 lb albies in the boat. Wouldnt you know some air head is fishin' an 80w with a 50yd mono topshot on it with about 12 lbs of drag. Hooks up fish makes a run braud hits mono and we loose the rubber ballyhoo/jet combo which at this point has about 10 of the 26-28 fish in the boxes, so thats gone. weather calms out to less than 3's i mean flat calm. almost no wind, amazing. Again 7ish pm we start the chunk (side note first day, night and 2nd day no signs of life, besides a few seagulls. 2nd night dolphins and whales everywhere damn seaturtles again squid all over the damn place (kil song you woulda had a blast cause it was all the squid you could ever want from 6-13 or 14 inch tubes big suckers). dolphin are chasing the squid down deep. mind you im talking like flipper dolphins not mahi-dorado etc.. dolphin. I did see one mahi at around 1130pm it was only about 2lbs so it wasnt worth anything. I stay up with the mates cuttin bait for hours and keepin the slick going with only two more 30-40lbs class albies and a 30" mako pup to show for 25+ guys chunkin all night. Final morning signs of life everywhere. we land another 8 or so 30-40lb class albies to put the total at around thirty-five lonfin at 30-50lbs so we head home beat up and bruised from the weather and kinda sad with not one yellowfin and nothing but some albies to show for it. all in all I was happy because id rather be out on the water than anywhere else in the world but, from a fishing standpoint it was a slow trip with an almost non exsistent chunk bite. Sorry no pictures my $300 camera couldnt handle the salt water it barely even got damp it was in my duffle bag in a zip loc and it never got tossed around it juss stopped working almost all togehter so no pics. P.S. Spent the 2nd day and night and the 3rd morning in veeches canyon.