8/4-8/5 Freeport Overnighter Report- Against All Odds

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    I'll start the report with all the negative feedback going into the trip: the water is bad, nobody is catching fish lately, it's a full moon... blah blah blah

    Needless to say, we (myself, Digidydog, Bigscrnman) did not have high hopes of finding tuna in numbers at the floaters. However, it was our only chance this month to get out there and give it a shot- odds be damned. It also helped the forecast was beautiful.

    We jumped on the Wildcat #1 at noon at Bridge Bait and struggled to catch bait on the way out. Showed up at the spars around 6 and proceeded to troll around a bit waiting for dark. Well before you know it we see tuna flying out of the water everywhere in pursuit of flying fish... and as sudden as they showed up, they disappeared- nonetheless a good sign!

    As the sun set, the action began. We were often triple hooked up on blackfin. As usual, blackfin are usually not a problem getting into, but it was the yellowfin we came for. At 9:30 the first yellowfin hit the deck. The bite came and went all night. When it was hot, everybody with a hook in the water seemed to have something on the other end. Other times, nothing was going on and we'd still pick up a stray. Long story short- We caught our limit (9 YFT) by 4:30 AM and headed straight back to the dock.

    Highlights and Pictures:
    *4 of the 9 YFT were caught on topwater.

    -Picture #1: Boated these two fish almost simultaneously during one of the times the bite really turned on.

    -Picture #2: Digidydog getting his *** handed to him. I've never seen the poor fella struggle with a fish like he did on this one. I hooked up one after he did, proceeded to whup the fish in a few minutes, get the fish in the boat (as you can see the fish on the deck in the background), and go back to watching him reel this fish in. All the time I hear "This thing is so huge..." Well it turned out to be about 40lbs, BUT it was foul hooked right in the butt. The thing took most of the 80lb braid off my saragossa and took Digidydog somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 minutes to reel in. He went through 3 different setups: first a belt only, then a belt and a back harness, then the full blown powerplay. Funny stuff.

    -Picture #3: A recurring theme of our reports is that we like to show off the grill- which we believe to one of the best investments on the boat. This time we had ribs and burgers. Nothing like working up a good appetite reeling in tuna only to satisfy that hunger with hot grilled food! If you don't have one, get one.

    -Picture #4: Yes, it took a while to filet them.

    -Picture #5: Back to the dock at 9:30 AM, mission accomplished- Against All Odds!

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  2. BretABaker

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    i hate that i didnt go

  3. wadefisherman

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  4. jaredchasteen

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    Nice job will and ben. You look stoked as should be. You all gonna be in the tuna tourny. I am happy for you guys way to get out will.
  5. SpecialK

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    Nice haul! Thanks for the report!
    I am guessing BV/Nance?
    Good to see a solid limit!
  6. Digidydog

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    i hate that i didnt go
    Don't worry man, i reeled in three or four for ya - we kept saying, "sure wish the jack hammer was here to offer some variation to our catch!"
  7. BretABaker

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    yeah it looks like you had way too few jack crevalles!
  8. jaredchasteen

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    Don't worry man, i reeled in three or four for ya - we kept saying, "sure wish the jack hammer was here to offer some variation to our catch!"

    thats funny.