8-30 thru 9-3 offshore of Port Aransas

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    We left the Packery Jetties Thursday afternoon on NYATI and didn't return through the jetties until Monday afternoon!!! It was an adventure to say the least. We cruised for the first night and then trolled our way up the shelf toward our destination Auger. Auger is over 250 NM from our jetties and is the farthest any of us have ever been so we were excited about the fishing to come. The trolling was slow, boating a few Wahoo and Mahi along the way and then cruising the second night until we arrived at Auger at about 2:00 AM and the fishing was SLOW!!!! We must have lost 10 jigs and a topwater to Cudas..
    Oz finally landed a Yellow before and a Blackfin before sunrise but that was it.
    We put out the spread and trolled all day with nothing but Cuda after Cuda around every rig we fished. We trolled our way to Magnolia and then to Redhawk and then back to Magnolia for the night time Tuna fishing and this time it payed off. We filled our fish boxes by midnight and were headed to Gunnison for the mourning bite.
    Trolled Gunnison till noon with no luck and then headed to Nansen where we caught a few Mahi and some Wahoo but no Bills......
    We Swordfished the Hilltops that night with no luck and then trolled Cervesa the next mourning before running to the East Breaks and trolling our way to Falcon picking up a few fish along the way but we finally had enough and headed in from the longest trip ever.
    Here are a few pics from the trip.

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    what an adventure. how did you manage to carry enough gas?

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    read your report on the other board.... yall have tooooo much fun!! LOL!! Nice job, and sounded like one hell of a trip!! except for the cudas!!! LOL!