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8-27 out of freeport

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me and derek hit the jetties in my skif this morning, we were greated with 2to 3 fts, but they were 10 sec apart with no chop,on the way back it was 1 fts with chop from the east. it was perfect conditions. we made it out past a couple of rips and finally found 1000's of bonita and birds everywhere we troll around and pick up bonita, spanish mac's, and kingfish. we started rig hopping and ended up 23 miles out at a rig that had some big ole snappers on it, caught limit of red snapper, some lane snapper, mangrove, a gag grouper, huge tiger snapper...lol.. man it was a great day out on the water. got my batteries recharged
pict is derek with a few fish


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thanks for the report and the photo. some of us that are landlocked live for these reports and photo''s.......rick
i had to get out was in my 20 ft flatbottom skiff just had to go and get some sun and ssalt on my skin....lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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