8/22/09 Golden Tilefish Underwater Video!

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    After my Orlando vacation, I got a chance to use the new prototype Lindgren Pitman fishing rod with the LP1200 electric reel on the 29' Intrepid with some friends. We began the day swordfishing, spending hours fishing off Fort Lauderdale with no bites. At mid day we went North to Pompano Beach and hooked up with a monster sword immediately. Unfortunately we forgot to check the preset drag in the morning and the fish busted the line during his initial run. It all happened so fast we were speechless for minutes....After losing hundreds of dollars in tackle on that drop, we decided to go in shallower for some meat fishing for rosies and tilefish. We managed to fill the cooler with rosies and even caught a small golden tile before calling it a day. The new LP fishing rod is incredible, as you will see in the video:

    The Daily Fishing Report: 8/22/09 Rosefish and Golden Tiles!

    pic of a rosie:

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    possible WR tilefish was caught last week on the voyager. this thing is a monster

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    Holy Cow, that thing is HUGE!!!
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    That thing probably has more meat in its head alone than an averaged sized tilefish.
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    can you imagine cuttin' the fillets off that monster?
    my mouth is waterin' already! crappie can kiss my ass!
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    Very cool video.