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Randy Bassinga
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Hi fellas
I am trying to work out what to run on on a reel I am shortly getting. I am looking at running a PE10 diameter or at least 100lb line rating. For those that have loaded these spools with such lines, I would appreciate finding out what loads you are getting with which lines

Lines I am considering are

PE8 avani tuan............300m
PE10 avani tuna
PE10 avani gt
100lb jerry brown
100lb jerry brown hollow
100lb tuffline xp.............300 yards
PE10 sunline jigger8

Any others you can recomend?

Thanks in advance

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I managed to get exactly 300m of PE-8 100lb Avani Tuna on my DogFight 6500. Daiwa Boat Braid 100lb would be great as well.

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I got one of my favorite type of emails today, it was a UPS confirmation email that my Dogfights finally are in transit! Even better I was able to get a spare spool with each one ;)

Does anyone here fish the all black model with the 6500 std spool ?

What did you spool it with ?

I'd really like to get a full 300 yards on her but I don't want to go with a very 'flimsy' braid rather I was thinking of going with the Tuff Line XP #80 Indicator - its round/coated but also a larger diameter than its Japanese competition. The rod I will be fishing it on is a custom Smith 8'2 that is rated about #20 or more I believe.

Once its spooled, I made arrangements to ship the reel to Roger @ Streamline Leaders to have it professionally setup with a splice to hollow core then a woven loop - so both spools will be wind on ready.
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