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609 Mako on a spinning reel

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Great fish but IMHO ... All I can say is what a shame to have a warrior of a Mako like that be hooked and killed especially with a spinning reel and a trebel hook. They basically hooked it and followed it around until they switched boats and gaffed it 3 hours later.

They were fishing 40lb test so there is no way they could put any pressure on a fish of that size therefore it had zero clue it was hooked. I wish they could have felt the real power of a beast like that. They are the meanest damn fish in the ocean rivaled only by a big sword or a thresher

Great fish, my hats off to them for having the balls to do it in a 17ft boat

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Four shots from a shotgun had no effects on the shark... “I shot him twice with the gun barrel above the water, and it didn’t do anything,” Weidenbach said. “So then I stuck the barrel under the water right on top of his head and pulled the trigger. It split the barrel and it still didn’t do anything. I shot him again while the barrel was under the water and this time the barrel splintered. I’m going to mount this gun with the shark’s jaws.”

That guy sounds like a true genius!

We lost sight of him, found him again, and threw a chunk of bait at him – one of the redfish we had caught – and he scarfed it up. It was game on after that", he said.

I guess red fish aren't game fish in AL??
people like that are the reason why people are so anti gun nowadays what a d-bag and like gman said they didnt catch that shark they followed it around for a few hours then gaffed it and if that shark had realized he was hooked he woulda smoked that van staal and tore butt outta there and they couldnt have done a damn thing to stop him.
I was almost impressed until I read they used a redfish for bait....
What an ***hole!
That's makes the 3rd(?) big, big mako killed off the Fl. coast this year, I beleive. That can't be good. why couldn't they just cut it off @ the boat?
after reading the giant mako thread a few months back on BD, I beleive I'll keep the remainder of my opinions to myself.....
Was it real, or one of the "BS STORIES" like I sometimes write on the TFF....

sounds like BS. what goober would shove a gun underwater and pull the trigger... :)
It was a female, too
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