$6 million garage

Discussion in 'Automobiles' started by Tuna Loco, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I wonder what Jay Leno's, Tommy Hilfiger's or Ralph Lauren's garages look like? I forget the guy's name, but he started Yankee Candle. His garage is a big barn. I forget the exact numbers, but over 100 hundred cars in it and total value was probably close to $100 million. A handful of cars made up a large chunk of the total value.

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    I have to say I thought he was going to have a more exotic collection than he did in the lower garage. I saw a rover and I think an audi a jeep and was that a cavalier. I would have had some boats and a and the ultimate lure shop. Can you tell I'm jealous ?
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    Thunder birds are go!! :d
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    Looks really nice! Really nice rides!

    Though for me, I am not much into flashy sports car as my relatively simple Impreza already suffices for me. And though pretty compact how most sedans/hatchbacks are, it really goes with a huge advantage in power under its hood.

    And more importantly, I am versed with what is needed to make it work and run smoother and faster altogether.
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    People who buy things (in this dude's case, bikes) to look at boggle my mind. When you have the money to buy pretty much two of whatever you want, ride it like you stole it.
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    Just back from a ride in a mate's vehicle bought to "ride it like he stole it"...........He He......... its his daily drive vehicle that he drives in track days & closed road Targas around Oz in.

    AU$365.000 of Porche Carrera S4 twin turbo fully optioned Sports performance pack ( sports mode = 20% turbo overboost for 10 seconds).
    480KW in normal mode
    0-100mph in 8.3 secs

    frighteningly awesome............my head was still doing 50ks when it was doing 150ks.............too much car for me............but a hell of a ride.