6/18/09 tour of san francisco bay

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    i wanted to take the kids out fishing this week, but the winds were just howling inshore. there was no way this was going to happen. still, they're all stuck indoors, on summer vacation, bored out of there minds, and hiding from the parents because all we do me make them fold laundry. well, the san francisco bay was still an option. my nephew, richard, was visiting so dragged him along to be deckhand and launched out of the oyster point marina in south san francisco.


    meet rakka, crystal, eileen, allison and christina!


    i wish we had weather and seas like this OUTSIDE of the bay as well as inside.


    we ran north along the old waterfront until we got to pacbell stadium, home of the san francisco giants. this is the view of the park from mccovey cove. i'm not much of a professional sports fan. i've been to one san jose sharks game probably 5 years ago, one san francisco giants game 20 years ago, and have still never been to a san francisco fourty niners game ever.



    here's the bay bridge, running east and west between san francisco and oakland, with a view of downtown san francisco.



    here's the golden gate bridge. it was way too rough and too foggy to take the kids out under the gate.



    from the golden gate bridge, it was a short hop over to angel island. for $10, you can tie up all day and hike around the island, but we only stayed for an hour before the winds started kicking up.







    our last stop was alcatraz. the winds were 15 knots and the kids were getting a little wet, so we made one loop around island and headed home.



    the kids wanted to fish so we trolled for halibut for 20 minutes and called it a day.



    even though it wasn't a fishing trip, it was still nice go get out on the water. hope you enjoyed the tour. alan
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    Nice. Thats why they have dads

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    Thanks Alan!

    You did the right thing. Thanks for posting. :cool: