6-07-08 Pelican charter- w/surprise deckhand

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    Hi folks, T.O.O. had the honor of organizing a weekend (6-07 to 6-09) fishing trip for M/D Totco out of Cedar Park, Texas in Port Aransas. We had the Pelican booked from early in 2008 and the group went out with Captain Marvin on the Pelican for a 12 hour Red Snapper/other species charter.
    I personally was invited on the charter as well, and even though we usually do not ever join charters that we are hired to work, they were insistant, so I joined the 16 person charter of mostly ex-Marines Saturday morning.
    Seas started out very sporty with mixed up 6-8's but the swells were well spaced overall.
    The group wanted to catch snapper and then get their poles bent by whatever would bite.
    The first stop was about 30 miles out and the boat limited out on snapper in about an hour, mostly due to not everyone fishing during this time. The snapper were nearly all from 17"-25", with my two measuring 21" and 25".
    Jason on board caught the biggest snapper I've even seen, 22 lbs, and for the first time, I think the fish cleaners underread the weight. That fish was a pig sow. I think only 4 or 5 snapper total were throwbacks, the rest were keepers, so little throwback mortality loss there.
    After the snapper limits were caught Captain Marvin ran us to a kingfish spot and folks ended up catching 3 kings sort of a boat limit mostly drifting sardines or cigar minnows. I tied on a <> jig and first cast was cut-off. Bink! Tied another jig and hooked up and passed off a bunch of kings. Hooked up 6-7 kings on one jig before the next cut-off. For a while the bite was every dropped bait and every cast with the jig. Most kings were snakes, I think the biggest ran about 12lbs. Action was very fast for about 30 minutes and we had only about 5 people fishing at this time, most likley due to the events of the night before. (Self enduced fluid trama and recovery). Two nice ling were caught and two were lost at the boat, one by me. ( Now 0 for 5 on ling)
    The action was fast and thats what the group wanted, they didn't care what was biting, just some good sized fish.
    We tried a few Sharpie holes at the end of the day but the sharks weren't there. I don't think anyone on board cared, those that could fish caught a bunch and those that were prone could of cared less.
    Captain Marvin ran hard, put the group on solid snapper as well as one real hog sow, a near limit of kings, two ling and had happy fishermen, well at least those that were not down for the count all trip.
    Two other things, saw a fantastic practical joke played on the boss of these folks, ( I'll tell the story once I get pictures from the group) and the deckhands were new to the Pelican. 360tuna knows one deckhand. He did an acceptable job as did Paul the head deckhand. Nothing too much to make the job a real pain, but lines were tied right, bait was were it needed to be, fish marked right, line untangled with the right decision whether to untangle or cut. Second deckie, if he continues to work hard and get things done a bit faster will do just fine. Seasoning and experience will tell the tale. If he fishes with Captain Marvin this whole summer, he'll get a lot of experience with real fishing stuff.
    I have no pictures as I lost the camera sometime and somewhere from the dock and the boat. Not a good feeling to have a nice camera lost this way.
    Hopefully the group, once they recover, will send us some pictures of the sow and the practial joke. With the Seis Tuna joke and this one it's plain to see Captain Marvin likes a good joke. It was a classic.
    Captain Marvin did just what was wanted by the group in sporty seas and did well. I hope the Marines have recovered by now.
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    >(Self enduced fluid trama and recovery).< That is a new descriptive phrase to me. LOL!

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    Willie .... that's why I have a $100 camera that I take fishing and to the deer blind. I'm too careless for anything more.

    Sounds like a good trip. Is Josh no longer decking on the Pelican?

    The good news on the 48s for the Pelican is that John B. and Keith Banks will again be doing them this year .... there was some doubt for a while.
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    Awe, no Josh, Paul was the head deckie and the other is a known to here young man. They need to work on gaffing, most young hands need experience gaffing. They got lots of practice Saturday, and most of the fishermen didn't know how to lead a fish to the gaff either.
    I understand about the camera thoughts, just a dumb move on my part; cost me, the boss docked me the cost of the camera.
    Snagged, just got some pictures of the group after the charter. The "fluid induced" issue was accented by other things for 4-5 of the guys. Man, I won't post most of them on the 'Net, some of these guys look really sore.
    Below are a few pictures of the big girl, and the practical joke fish. That thing must of been made of S.S., it was very heavy.

    The joke was run by and OK'ed by Captain Marvin. While I was at the stern, I saw Captain Marvin and Hairy Bottom starboard up by the cabin tying the shark to a boat rig while watching around the corner for the boss. Not knowing who was in on this, I just watched what was going on. They dropped the shark over and let out a bunch of line. H.B. started reeling and yelling, the boss came over and was yelling encouragement. H.B. suddenly "couldn't" reel in the fish anymore and was about to drop the rig. He got the boss to take over and the boss started reeling like crazy while the others were whooping/hollering/yelling at the boss to "git it done". All this was being video'ed.
    The boss see's the "flash", get's even more excited, Captain M and others are yelling "gaff!", and the shark pops out the water on the boss'es final pump and reel. He sees it and turns to the group and.............. you can imagine what was said/done when he saw that shark.
    Great joke, the boss took it well considering his condition.
    I could not stop laughing, it was set up so perfectly.
    Great guys and gal, most of them were just about back to normal at work on Monday. ;)

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