57lb Warsaw

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  1. BretABaker

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    pretty nice - a few weeks ago when i was out on the capt casey, a guy got a nice warsaw. I think it was 65 or 70...

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  2. gman

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    looks like an OTI rod in his hands
  3. GanderVA

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    First landed fish on my OTI 7.5 50# popper, but not my fish. Made two passes over the wreck and had two hookups on two pink river2sea turkey sliders. Lost both fish and jigs to the wreck. Bouncer up the shock leader from 50# to 100#. Loaned my rod and a cheapo Bass Pro 5 oz jig to my friend who was looking for his first AJ. Gary
  4. Ragman

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    Very nice 57# Warsaw!

    I hope your buddy said thank you! :)

    It's great to see someone successfully jigging with the 7 1/2 footer!

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