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Say, how many 360 members are going in this trip? Let me know. Me and a few other 360 members will be there. Hope the weather cooperates. Later,


50 Hour Overnight trips on Capt. John

These 50 hour tuna safaris, scheduled to be run this December 8, 9 and 10 and January 19, 20 and 21, are all on Friday-Saturday-Sunday. The cost is $500 per person. The anticipated plan, which is subject to change, is to leave Pier 19 at 9 AM Friday and then run straight to the deep water platforms such as the Nancen Spar, which is 117 miles to the South, or to the Boom Vang Spar about 8 miles West of Nancen. Primary target species in this area will be yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna. This drift fishing will begin around sunset and continue throughout the overnight period.

After sunrise Saturday, a run inshore to various structure such as rocks, platforms or wrecks will be made. Targeted species will be amberjack, grouper, kingfish, vermilion snapper, etc. This fishing will be done until time to leave for more tuna fishing at deep water platforms. We should be there around sundown. Drift fishing for yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna will continue until around midnight. At that time, the run back to Pier 19 will begin, with a projected return time of around 11 AM Sunday.

Give the office a call soon at either 409-762-8808 or 713-223-4853 to make your reservations, as these trips should fill up fast.


36-hour trip schedule
Cost: $300
Click for more information 50-hour trip schedule
Cost: $500
Click for more information
• Nov 4-5 Sat-Sun
• Nov 11-12 Sat-Sun
• Nov 18-19 Sat-Sun
• Dec 2-3 Sat-Sun
• Dec 16-17 Sat-Sun
• Dec 30-31 Sat-Sun
• December 8,9 & 10
• January 13-14 Sat-Sun
• January 27-28 Sat-Sun
• February 10-11 Sat-Sun
• February 24-25 Sat-Sun
• January 19, 20, 21

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