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    Well as most of you guys know I went on my annual fishing trip. I got to the landing around 8:00am for the American Angler. We were departing at 11:00am. While checking we were told that we would be fishing later that evening :eek: . You have to understand that usually the first day is a travel/rigging day on the ride down.
    Here are some shots...
    After boardind the boat and getting into our staterooms we were rigging and getting ready. We made our stop at the San Diego Bait Receivers where we took a load of Sardines(300 scoops). They filled the four stern tanks, one bow tank and three slammers.
    Video to come...... :D
    We had the trolling lines out around 4:30pm on Wednesday. Capt Sam found some fish on the sonar and the boat turned into a circle so the deckhands could throw bait. As soon as the bait hit the water the trollers went off and the fun started.
    With the decent fishing we had for the first evening Sam wanted to stay another day so we set up on anchor on the Sixty Mile Bank and had a great grilled chicken dinner with baked potatoes and veggies. .

    Woke up to the starting of the engines and the smell of bacon in the galley. Got into the galley and had bacon, egg and hashbrown breakfast.
    Thrusday morning didn't started as the previous evening. The bite was on...We got into some 20lb-30lb Bluefin....Sam wanted to give this area the morning shot before we left for Guadalupe. I ended up with four Bluefin for the first full day. Sat down to a New York Steak dinner and all the fixins..
    Friday: We stayed in the same area for the morning bite(80 mile south of San Diego)With the fish not bitting and the small floatilla of boats working the same area, Sam didn't want to hang around. He pointed the boat south and off to Guadalupe Island we went!!!!! We did fish on the way down stopping on meter marks and kelp patties. Dinner that night was grilled pork chops with with veggies and fresh homemade bread. Desert was a chocolate chip cheese cake.
    Saturday: Woke up before the the sun was up and we were right at the North end of the island. The current was running to the North and Sam set the boat up so the stern was pointing at this rock off the island.
    The Yellowtail started there bite and the fight was on. Fishing was with 40lb min. There's lots of rocks for the "Home Guard" Yellows to find. Also we had a visit by the local Great Whites that inhabit the inland(video coming). Fished there for most of the morning and then started making our way south, lee side of the island. It was like fishing in a lake with the bluest water.
    We made it to the south of the island(25 miles) making the stops for fish. But the fun didn't start till we headed back up. I got to see a Stripped Marlin all lit up fire through the jigs. Sam saw some fish on the meter and pulled the boat into a circle so they could throw bait. I grabbed my jig stick and fired a Tady 45 iron into the circle and got bit!!!!! A 40-50lb Wahoo decided that he would take me for a trip. Wahoo are known to hit the jig in the middle of the iron/jig and bite down and run. All you can do is turn the handle and reel so the lure can slide and set the hook. As soon as the Wahoo does it's first run you can lift your rod up and begin fighting. Well the first run the Wahoo took, took half to three quarter of my Saltiga 50 with 40lb on it. It was the fastest I have ever seen line come off a reel :shock: . I got the fish to the corner of the boat and had a couple of lines wrapped around me and the fish wanted to head to the bow. The problem was that the other lines on me didn't want to go.....That's where Mr Wahoo and I departed... :cry: I was pissed for about 5 minutes after that but got over that as soon as I saw people hooking up on fish in the stern. I grabbed my bait rod and headed over to the bait tank. I looked over the rail and saw a 14'-16' Great White swimming circles under the boat(video coming I promise). I yelled "SHARK"...What else would you do????. I was so amazed by the size and grace I put my rod down and grabbed my video camera. You really understand how little you are when you see something like that. Got to see a couple of good fish get eaten by the shark. What a sight to see....With the owner of the island present the bite shut down. We were off to head back up the line and fish our way back to San Diego. Dinner that night was Cashew Chicken...
    Sunday: Woke up to Belgium Waffles. Fishing for the rest of the trip home was looking for kelp patties. We picked up some good Yellows. Here is Jeff with a nice fish and the crew at work. Dinner for the finally night was Prime Rib....
    Monday: Got into the harbor around 4:30am. Docked and unloaded the gear and fish. With it all said and done.
    Albacore 4
    Bluefin 5
    Yellowtail 4
    I released a lot of fish to get then another day....Next Year!!! ;) I think I gained 10lb's from all the good food they cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Can't forget about the morning and evening snacks that were also provided....I got the okay for another trip next year. PM me if you would like to go. I will have the video up in a couple of days and the pictures of my fish also(friends took the pictures and haven't emailed them yet).

    I would like to thank the crew of the Amercan Angler for making this trip very enjoyable. Nate and Greg in the galley are the "Tops"!!
    Thanks for waiting....
    Gary aka "Buddhahead"
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    Looks like fun, great pictures.

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    Point Loma is one of my favorite places! Last time I had to go visit family in San Diego we stayed at the Holiday Inn across the street. Every morning I'd go walk the dock and smell the fresh Pacific air. Very cool to drive up in the hills and over look the ocean too.

    Thanks for the reminder of a great place.

    Tom - DBG