450-pound Mako

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    I just received a call from McGolfer, I am not sure who he went with but he said they caught 11 Yellowfin tuna at Boomvang. The biggest one was about 60# but they only kept 7. They also caught a lot of Blackfin tuna but didn’t keep any. The rest of the catch included one 20# Wahoo, Red Snapper up to 15#, and 4 Amberjacks. And while snapper fishing, one of the guys hooked up a Mako shark at Salvador rig. It was about a 450-pounder. The guy fought for an hour and eight minutes before the Mako jumped, twisted, and wrapped the line and leader and got off. This just a quick report, Rick will fill in the rest.
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    I love that satellite phone!

    As soon as I saw the weather forecast late Thursday night, I knew he was going!

    I saw his post about needing a crew too late.

    Make sure the reports end up here!

    I see lots of people viewing this site, but they're not posting?


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    Thanks Tj,
    cant wait to hear all of the Details..