45 second bluefin

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    Due to another fishery I'm involved in and a commitment I made to a friend to help restore a condo in Florida,Today was my first tuna trip this year(there will be many more from now till thanksgiving).Anyway, The weather has sucked here in the northeast for days ,So there was no reliable, recent intell. I have some numbers that have treated me well the last few years,on Stellwagen. Without a clue where the fish might be, I figured these numbers were as good a place to start as any.Oh, by the way, I Got a Very late start, I arrived at my numbers at the crack of noon:D I come down off plane, I tie on a jig, I look at the finder and am somewhat surprised to be marking fish! Yea baby. I just spooled my stella with Daiwa boat braid. These marks were 70 feet down. Easy to put the jig right in the "Zone" with this line.(metered)I put out three colors, hop the jig twice AND GET BIT! I say out loud to myself "I Don't freakin' believe it"I'm still thinking For a few seconds that maybe I hooked a big bass, Till 2/3 of my line disappears in seconds. Not much Doubt anymore! I was fishing for all of 45 seconds!! 5 min later I can see the fish. I don't get it ,Till I see He's tail wrapped. I am watching as the fish goes nuts and un tailwraps himself, and takes off like a bat out of hell again. 15-20 min later I harpoon him. I'm fishing solo by the way. This(harpooning solo) was a first for me, went pretty well, hit him in the gill plate -Game over. well almost, I couldn't lift it into the boat myself. A little later I waved down a couple guys in a Grady who were more than happy to put a guy on my boat to help.(Thanks Guys)

    I was using My new OTI G3 600g spinning rod, with a stella 20000. What an absolutely awesome setup for these fish. This was my first time using an OTI rod. I can't say enough about how well it handled this fish. A real pleasure to fish with. In my opinion, this rod is the perfect tool For this years bluefin. I was giggling for most of the fight, partly because the rod was so sweet and partly because I hooked up in 45 seconds on my first trip of the season.:D
    This fish was in the same ballpark as most from this area,this year. 60 some inches and somewhere in the buck fifty ballpark.I'll be Back at them first thing in the morning.
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    Excellent Report! Sound's like you have "Good Karma", must be living right!!

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    nice report.
    the OTI 600 are a SWEET setup.
    good luck tommorrow

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    Solo? You need a helmet cam! Great report.
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    Nice tackle is a joy. Pretty work.
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    Nice job North coast, guy on my tuna club said he helped you!