40 HR Trip on The Dolphin

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    The recent Big E thread got me curious. I'm on a 40 hr. on the Dolphin in a couple of weeks. It says meals are included. What kind of fare can be expected (not much I would think)? When I made the reservations they quickly went over the can/cannot take with you list. If any one has any experience with this trip, what do you actually bring? Am I going to be able to bring along any between meal snacks and a cooler of any type with froazen water bottles? Do they sell beer on the longer trips/should or can I bring my own? What about the fishing gear situation? I'm not that experienced that I have any deep sea stuff. Just some shore fishing gear. Basically any and all information a newbie could get would be appreciated.
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    I would call and ask to be sure.


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    The meals are not bad on the 40hr. Lunch and dinner mostly consists of fresh fish caught during the trip. You are not aloud to bring any drinks on board. They sell all the drinks including beer of your choice. Just tell them what you want to drink while they're loading. I've brought extra drinks in my bag before such as redbull and liquor. Nobody seems to care once we're on the water. No cooler are aloud on board. If you want to bring snacks, just buy some nonperishable items and put them in your carryon bag. They do sell snacks such as chips and PB and cheese crackers. You can catch everything you want with the boat rods. Don't be shy to ask the deckhands for different rigs to target different species. Remember one thing, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish. When they stop for AJ's, find the biggest live bait in the tank and feed out your line slowly and then hold on. ;-)

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks, BAOSABI. This is good info. Exactly what I needed.
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    I do this trip every year, its a good one. The food is good, the boat is crappy. I use 40# gear for all fishing but for when I am trying to get some big botto fish, then I use 60# gear. I would try to bring my own tackle just because you know what you have.

    Do a search for this trip on 2coolfishing.com, bluewater board and you will find a bunch more info, techniques, etc.
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    Bring 3-4 hard-cooked eggs or some frozen fried chicken to eat at nite when the grill's closed, snax/candy don't satisfy, fish bite and hunger rages. Some german sausage to grill on their hot dog machine; your own coffee if you have some good stuff you like.

    Make the best of a slow boat by trolling after you get to blue water. Sometimes it brings a good fish. Use your lures+gear or ask to use theirs.

    Tip the chief D/H 15% in advance and ask for suggestions, help.
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    Bring a book.
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    BAOSABI is right on. I would recommend purchasing a troll lure or two with recomendations on what kind from here, but they get expensive and you might want to pass. I like to target wahoo when trolling and thats all I troll for. I like to fish all night and sleep in the afternoon you might miss an AJ bite doing this. Bring your own water in your carry on bag. Something heavier than a snack for late night meals. Food is ok. Boat sux. Price is right. Fishing is good. Dont act like you know more than you do. Visit with guys on the way out. Find the guys with the most experience and ask what they like to fish for pick a couple that have your interest and watch. There will be some veterans who catch more fish than most. If it is a floater trip DO NOT go with out jigs as the blackfin bite will be better on jigs than soaking bait. Talk to jig here on this board about jigs to take. He helped me bring home 37 blackfin on my first trip. Took me almost a year to eat it all. Good stuff and good luck.
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    Jigs, Rigs and Stuff... has some tuna series hammered diamond jigs that are heavy duty and fairly cheap.
    might give them a look at. the guys in my group killed the BF on these jigs
  10. ksong

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    new fashion 7 1/2 oz flat hammered diamond jigs.
    The jigs work great for offshore seabass and grouper and I plan to test the jigs for tuna this year.