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do we need upgrade...??? :confused:
my only problem was got redirected if i browse from google.... just re-click once more and problem solved.....
I thought I had that same problem licked 2 or 3 times......NOT.
I did find two solutions though.
On my tablet I go to "bookmarks" click on 360Tuna and have zero problems.
On my laptop I go to "history" click on 360Tuna, click on the banner, then click on a page. This will take you direct to that specific date and page. Then click on Forum and I/you are in the here and now. Couple extra steps but no interference. Time travel!

As far as Trader Feedback goes I believe it to be very important for those that sell and buy often. I disco'd PayPal when EBay bought it about 6(?) years ago so I don't buy a lot or sell (that time will come). I don't know if we can do it but maybe a sub-forum in Classified to note how the transaction went. Without reinventing the wheel you can use the search feature and call up a member in that specific forum and see what the past history is.

Thanks EWDI, I agree with the previous posters and like where this is going.

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i only got the problem, if i clicked on the result which i googled in search engine and directed me to 360.... then i sometimes got redirected.... i hope you didn't misunderstood... :)
Understood madday, I was probably not clear enough.
In the history function I would bring up 360Tuna, singleclick to open pages viewed, then click on a page taking me back to the original date post. Then I would move up to "Forum" click on it and it is current time.
I would not USE the search function in Google to go direct to 360Tuna.......always resulted the the File 72 malware others mentioned.

I like where "ewdi" is going with this and I'm williing to be patient for quite some time.

The fact that there is a open exchange of ideas and criteria between all parties tells my simple brain that what we have is a work in progress on a positive path. Yes, it could be quite different in a year, 6 months, 6 days but that is what is called evolutionary growth. Good for all of us. Plenty of really smart people on the site so I am confident that it will get better as we go forward. I do miss the positive reinforcement (like) button though as mentioned on another thread. Confident that will arrive like a christmas present some day also.
Thanks for the hard work ewdi......patience is a virtue.......fishing is an addiction.
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