36 hour 360 trip on new Buccaneer September 10/11

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  1. scubaarchery

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    Captain Matt and the New Buccaneer have attempted to run a few 360 trips in the past and unfortunately due to low turnout they have been cancelled. I have managed to convince (begged) Matt and the owner to give us one more shot at a 36 hour sponsored trip for us this fall. I also asked Matt for the best month and moon phase recommendation based on past trips, cancellations due to weather etc. Here is the result.

    360 tuna 36 hour tuna safari sep 10-11 on the new moon. This is a special trip for 360 members so that all of you have a chance to fish with your online friends and show them who really knows how to fish. The trip will depart at 7:00 with the following game plan:
    Travel to fishing grounds
    Bottom fishing for vermillion, grouper and AJ if in season
    Tuna fishing at night
    Bottom fishing on the way back
    Return to dock

    We must have at least 22 fisherman to sail so let’s get some die hard tuna heads to make this happen! For those of you who want to fly in there are fish cleaning stations to clean your catch before you return home with coolers full of fish.

    Please reserve your spot here sign by replying to this link and We will communicate how to pay to you.

    We will give 360 members first shot and then post on bloody decks if we don’t fill by June 1. I am trying to get a boat full of experienced fishermen and women so we can max out the fish boxes.

    I am trying to run a raffle for a few items and have asked the Site sponsors if they would like to offer some raffle prizes and also recommend some special YFT packages for people on this trip. Some of them are considering it and i will ask them to post here as well. I do not plan to charge for the raffle, we will put your spot number in a hat and draw from there.

    Site sponsors please add items to the thread and let us know what you recommend! We want to support you!

    The cost of the trip is $400.
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  2. scubaarchery

    scubaarchery Senior Member

    1. Scubaarchery
    2. Scubaarchery
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  3. day0ne

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    Day0ne - 1
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  4. NBorg

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    GARRIGA Senior Member

    Wished it was a weekend. :(
  6. get’n jiggy

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    Jiggy- 2

    Possibly 2-4 more guys I’ll know for sure this coming week.
  7. get’n jiggy

    get’n jiggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks Scuba and Capt Matt!!

    I’ll donate 2 jigs to the raffle :D

    Will try to get another sponsor to join up. I sent him a email :)
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  8. Striker Tackle

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  9. fillet2release

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    I will take a spot ! David
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  10. rwc3500

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    1 spot for me - Ralph C
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  11. CDB

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    You know I'm in. I'll hit up a few of my usual crew. Count me for 3. Any chance for deep drop if wx and current permits?
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  12. get’n jiggy

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    Think the trip has 11 so far.

    half way there!!!

    lite-liner will join us so that’s 12 :D
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  13. semipro

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  14. Capt.matt

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    The 10-11 of September is confirmed. We do not have a trip sheet for this trip yet but once we do I will let y'all know, probably sometime next week.
    The best way for this trip will be for each party to call our office for payment.
  15. get’n jiggy

    get’n jiggy Well-Known Member

    Just got word...

    Mark with Charkbait is donating some gear for the raffle. He is super busy with the FH sale but he will send us some stuff once he settles down from the sale. I’ll post what he sends.

    Can’t wait for this trip :D
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  16. NBorg

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    I've talked with scubarchery and will put together a raffle prize for you guys specifically with the 130-170g ham sammich jigs which are deadly on the BFT. I also do hope attend the trip with you guys as well and will bring extra for you guys to try a few. Anyone going on the trip that needs some blackfin jigs and would like to order some jigs please shoot me a Pm and I can get you a custom pack put together.
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  17. scubaarchery

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    The challenge with the weekend is that the rigs get covered up with boats that’s why we went M-T. Take two days of much needed vacation instead. Fishing therapy is the best kind.
  18. scubaarchery

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    Current list
    2- Scubaarchery
    3- DayOne
    4- NBorg
    5- Jiggy
    6- Jiggy
    7 Fillet2release (David)
    8- rcw2500 (Ralph)
    9- CDB
    10- CDB
    11- CDB
    12- Semipro

    That’s a great start! Now tell your friends! For those of you that have not been on this trip before, this is a catching trip. Fish will be harmed in the making of this adventure!
  19. scubaarchery

    scubaarchery Senior Member

    That is awesome thank you! Will you be able to make the trip as well?
  20. scubaarchery

    scubaarchery Senior Member