350lbs YFT on spinning gear = pain

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by ballywho, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. ballywho

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    Hello guys, can't resist posting the video of us idiots being humbled by 350lbs of YFT using a 600gr Hopper jigging rod and a Stella 20k. Funnily enough, this fish was caught about 8 milles away from the anchorage. You can see the Coast on the last picture. Took us 5 hours to finally boat the fish and as you can hear in the video, drag was tight ! hopefully the video shows how the mood went from fun, to despair, to disbelief throughout the 5 hour fight.... To put the power of the fish in perspective, this 100+ pounder caught earlier the same day only took 20 minutes to boat using the same tackle:



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  2. jig boat

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    Beautiful fish. Congrats. Glad to see someone "living the dream"

  3. redgarvey

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    Congrats on the super cow!
  4. bnz

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    That's the most impressive catch I've seen on here in a while! Congrats!
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  5. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    thank you guys !
  6. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    that just looks like WORK!!
    Great job Pierre and crew!
    huge sickles!
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  7. semipro

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    Awesome video,it looks like big torpido
    Thank you for posting
  8. KMitchell

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    Never again?

    The clip says 'never again', c/mon man you cant turn down another big one.
  9. mythosbeer

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    Nice! Sick sickles!
  10. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    I'll cut the line without second thoughts ! It was seriously painful and nerve-wracking.... Or maybe I'll just suffer again just in case it's a 400 pounder this time....
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  11. JohnnyMax

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    What a battle! Impressive! Thank you for sharing that great catch.
  12. KMitchell

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    428 lb
  13. scubaarchery

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    Congratulations that is an epic fish! Made me tired just watching your video! Great job keeping the fish on and having the right gear to land it!
  14. silkair69

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    Gorgeous fish. I just dont understand how you got out fishing in Panama as i thought all sportfishing is closed?
  15. levi

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    Great catch. I have a question please. Have you ever pointed the rod at the fish and gained line by pulling back and reeling forward Kilsong style? When you put a bend in the rod the fish has leverage on you, not vice versa. I have a digital strain gauge i demonstrate how much more pressure can be put on the fish with hardly any effort from the angler to teach people as I was taught by Kenny at Biscayne Rods so many years ago. Let the reel drag do the work, not your back and arms.
  16. Isladude

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    What was the Tuna's initial run like? Were you ever close to being spooled? What pound test was the braid line, and about how much drag did you apply during the fight? You caught the fish of a lifetime! It takes a lot of skill catching a Tuna of that size on a Stella 20k. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the video! Steve
  17. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    I live there and have an authorization for subsistance fishing
  18. ballywho

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    Hi, greta question but it is impossible to that with a spinning reel, especially with those kind of drag settings. There is not enough torque. Also, with the setup we had, if you would point the rod at the fish, it would just take some drag forever. Only the added drag/pressure/friction by a bent rod would allow us to lift it without actually losing line. But agree would have been a way to fight it if we had had an overhead. Just does not work with spinning, at least with heavy fish + drag, you just can't crank even if moving the arm fast.
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  19. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    Hi Steve, initial run was strong, fast and long, but oddly enough we did not even came close to getting spooled. I think it would greatly depend on the fish and what it has in mind at this pont though. But for that one, we never got past half spool, if ever there. Ni idea how much drag but it was a lot of drag, I would say as much as a 100lbs line can safely take. I am used to fighting cuberas with HEAVY drag and we had super heavy drag for sure, as you can hear in the video, especially towards the end when we realized we had to boat it or the night will catch us. Line was brand new 100lbs Jerry Brown solid. I believe the brand new factor was decisive, given the abusre the liune took towards the end of the fight (we did pull with the hand at some point). I knbow 5 hours sounds crazy, this is why I put the picture of the 100+ popund fish that we boated in 20 minutes. Just to illustarte how different of a battle it was. As I see it, past 100 ppounds, YFT become twice as hard every 50 pounds, which makes a 350 pounder 32 times harder than a 100 pounder !!!! Hence the struggle on spinnng gear....
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  20. ballywho

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    read again, TD, said harder, 32 times harder does not make it 32 times longer. You obviously know much better than me though, and I'm sure you got plenty of 300+ pounders on spinnng gear, so won't argue with you.
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