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how in the hell did they get that beast in the boat? where was this fish when we were there? great catch. marc ask john how it was caught and let us know. by the way did you ever install that gps fishfinder that i sent down?...rick

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Hey Rick
He (it was a male) ate a threadfin herring on the first drop. Circle hook did its job and the batle began. Ray said it almost spooled them on the first run straight down. Got past the spectrum and into the mono backing (only 50# mono). It died about four hours into the fight and Ray worked him to the surface.
P.S. Mucho gracias for the depthfinder. I'm still trying to figure how to work all the features.

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Not like I'm a pro fishID-guy, but those are the longest sickles I've ever seen on a bigeye.
Congrats on a great catch

They are pretty meticulous about their fish id... The only real way to tell the difference between a bigeye and a yft is by checking the liver.. a bigeye will have striations along it and the yft will have none.
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