30" Spec 1/14/07

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  1. MrBill

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    Some people get to fish to much. This is a pic of guy that has fished everyday since Christmas. His father sent me this picture today. He has to go back to college this week. So, some fish will be saved in Port A. Oso and Snagged, you might recognize him. He was on your 48 hour tuna trip. He caught 2 YF's, 2 AJ's, and a very large grouper on your trip. This lucky young man got to fish 19 straight days. The good old days of being young without any obligations or expenses.

    This 30" spec was caught this Sunday 1/14/07 out of Port A on a Mirrorlure. He said he didn't put it on a scale because he was to hungry. It hit the frying pan one hour after being caught.

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  2. Pope

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    Pretty fish. That a shame he ate it. Lots of unders to eat. IMO

  3. TeamOso

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    Yessir, that guy is my new hero,
  4. Snagged

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    That's you nephew isn't he?
    Yes, I do remember him and he worked hard for his fish.
  5. MrBill

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    That's not my nephew. That's my lawyer's son. The kid has the fishing bug real bad. His mother was rather upset with him because she only saw him for two days on his Christmas break. He headed to the coast to fish for over two weeks. Her other son was at the hunting lease for two straight weeks. Dad, on the other hand, worked every day except Christmas and New Year's Day.

    Funny how dear old Dad gets "Hosed".
  6. Ragman

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    I remember the days of no real responsibility!

    Just deciding what to eat and where to fish!

    Great fish and I'm glad he's gotten the bug when he only has his mom to bug him.