3 for 5 in 4' to 6's

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  1. Riptide

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    Today we did a VIP trip. We had allot going against us. We could not leave until noontime, it was rougher than snot and it was going to rain. With a morning bite the last few days this was not looking promising.

    We splashed at noon and with the good word coming via phone and vhf we got our giddy-up on and hauled butt to the tip of Monomoy. There we were greeted with 4-6' seas with more 6's than 4's and a wave profile that was nearly straight on the backside. We fell off the first few before finding a speed and a trim setting that let us make time and not break us or the boat. At a moderately comfy 30kts we punched our way towards a buddy boat that was balls deep in the bite.

    Wet and beat up we got just shy of the area and found PILES of birds and fish. We set up on the fish and within seconds we were tight. My sport fought his first tuna well and in short order I slid a gaff into the fish.

    We pulled the hook on number 2, leadered and released 3 and 4, then got a little froggy on number 5 and a combination of a short line, really heavy drag and the skeg caused us to loose the last fish.

    Not a bad hour and a half!!!! The seas were growing, the rain was coming and the wind was howling in from the east. With the mission accomplished I decided it was time to surf home before things got too sloppy.

    The lure of choice was the Ocean Lures Halfbeak Surface Darter. In past days the deeper bodied "SP" was the hot lure, but today the thin profile Halfbeak was the clear favorite. Thanks to Roger from Streamline Leaders for dragging his manufacturing stuff out of its moving box and making me up a batch of leaders at O'dark-thirty, then dragging himself out of the house between dinner and desert to meet me in the middle of nowhere to deliver the goods. Roger, they performed as expected it was well worth the ride to get them !!!
  2. spineyman

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    Sounds like a blast despite being slap beat up.

  3. John_Madison CT

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    How's the weather look for Friday?
  4. Paul D.

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    John, Todd is looking for crew!!!!
  5. nikonfme

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    We were in the same location and didn't spot a thing. Not even birds. No activity at all off Monomoy:confused: and very snotty
  6. Riptide

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    The birds were tough to see in the slop. Radar was not much help. We put a buddy in the area we had been for the last few days early in the morning so when we ran out late he was still on them and vectored us right in. Saved us a beating running around looking in that slop.

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