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i got invited to join team ruthless ( Clay, Christina, cort and myself) and we made the best of it for the deep sea rodeo out of freeport. we tried to go catch some bait on friday but the seas were two churned up and there was some big ole waves still out there, but we managed a couple dozen big bumper to put in the live well. we got there sat morning early and hit the jetties right after the start at 630. we went twords german charlies to find some clean water. we picked around german charlies for a while and nothing to show. so we pulled out the map and we had three options one we head to the claypiles, two we head to the intersection rigs, or three we go to tequela. i told clay we had the best chance of a winning fish at tequila so off we go. we geet there and the water is awesome we have 5 hardtails and 2 dozen bumper to work with. so we rig two of my tequila shots with big hardtails and begain the task of dropping 700 ft. i hit the bottom and reel up 15 cranks and instanly the mc saltwater special by savage doubles over. we get away from the rig and i am fighting this fish huge fish, then after 5 min the 80 lb braid snaps. ( im going to replace with 130) so while i was fighting the fish cort was reeling the other reel up and he gets hit he fights theis fish for about 5 min and we gaft a nice 56 lb aj now it is clays turn we set up the drops again and bam instant hook ups and they come unbuttoned, we loose all our hardtails, and i tell clay lets send down those big bumper, something will eat them so we do and i start jigging, bam i jig up a nice 5 lb scamp grouper. them we look at the other pole and its doubled over and clay grabs it and once he gets it out of the rod holder it almost pulled him in the water. but we got that hoss up and got second place at 69.90
the third day we headed south to the a rigs but the water was terriable and we didnt pull anything up

i want to say how impressed i am with that cape horn for a 31 ft boat we averaged 1.2 miles to the gallon and its got 700 horses on the back, icream conditions it gets 1.9 mpg we burned 280 gallons in 3 days and ran between 300 and 400 miles


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