2nd. Annual Texas Tuna Trip 80hr. La Pesca 11-06

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    Left dolpin docks 6 a.m. tue with 28 anglers from across the country on private charter. b-lined for hoover-diana and arrived just after sunset. The blackfin bite was steady on thru the night with several fast drifts due to winds from the cold front. Started with heavy jig ( O.T.I. jager 550g.) using stella 10000 on 7' smith kerama rod with 65 l.b. izorline. deep drop produced the first yf in 60 l.b. range and the only yf on jig the first night. 3 others were landed, one on drifted sardine and one on top. around 130 blackfins were boxed. The second day Capt, Ken decided to make the run to Gunnison and it paid off with a great top water bite! The wind settled down and looong drifts paid off. my second yf came on swim bait (tackle house shibuki tuna minnow) in the 70 l.b. range. Fish 3 came on blue lazer tuna hunter and went 108 at the docks. 19 yft were landed from 50 to 108 l.b. with several on the high end. A few epic battles going 1 1/2 hrs.! Larger bft were hitting the top waters and the bft jig bite was hot. Final tally 330 blackfin , 23 yellowfin. and a hell of a good time. The trip ended early as every box was full.

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    Good job fathom~!

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    all this tuna action is making me go a little stir crazy. glad to hear that the oti jig produced a yellowfin for you. most peole don't realize that sometimes you need those really big jigs to jig effectively. they can wear your ass out but they can also produce the fish....rick
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    550 grams???:eek:
    My arms are sore just reading about this. :D

    Congrats on a great trip...
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    Excellent report Fathom! That has to be one of the best trips for the La Pesca!

    The heavier jigs are what you have to use sometimes depending on the conditions. Glad it paid off for you!

    The 420g Jitterbel is not as heavy, but because of the long, slim design fishes more like a 200g jig even when you have to get down deep.

    How did you fish the shibuki? Did you keep it more on top or let it get down a bit in the column and then work it back?

    Thanks for posting!
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    The 420g Jitterbel is not as heavy, but because of the long, slim design fishes more like a 200g jig even when you have to get down deep.

    I picked up a 420G Jitterbel and a 320G Jitterbel in the Chartreuse color yesterday at Roy's. I plan to use them on my trip out with John next Monday ;)

    Their tuna jigs and poppers are still reduced at Roy's.

    Steve .... how were you working the big heavy jigs? Anyone know if these jigs are jigged with the same motion as the smaller ones? Or is there another technique that is easier and might work as well ..... I'm thinking about just hanging it off in the boat rod holder and let the rocking motion of the boat jig it a little ... :D
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    The top water bite was full on! 1st. cast of the shabuki with standard retrive.
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    Bobby - The YFT's seem to like a much slower action, you just have to get it past the BFT's on the drop!

    On our TBB 07 trip, Etan and Mont were very successful with the heavy jigs and very slow presentation.