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One of my friends son shot this monster the other day. Here's the story.

What may be the third biggest non-typical buck ever harvested in Texas is the leader in the Los Cazadores contest — as well as its record-breaking entry.

Marco Barrett of San Antonio shot this 34-point deer with a large drop tine that measured a gross score of 268 6/8.

It scored 273+ in velvet, and after deducting 2 percent for that, it will hit the books with a gross Boone & Crockett score of 268 6/8, said Larry Weishuhn of Los Cazadores, who scored it with store manager Trey Moore.
"I think it will be one of the biggest grossing heads in Texas since 1929 when a gentleman by the name of Fred Mudge killed a deer that netted around the 260s," Weishuhn said.

Marco Barrett of San Antonio shot the deer on Las Raices Ranch in northern Webb County during a Managed Lands Deer Permit hunt.

The MLDP program allows gun hunts for an extended season, which opened on Sept. 29, the same as archery season.

The 78-point Brady Buck, the former world record holder taken in McCulloch County in 1892, is still tops in Texas with a score of 286.

Barrett's buck basically is a 6x6 with 34 points of more than one inch with the bigger tines hitting 8 or 9 inches; a large drop tine; 28-inch or so main beams and an inside spread of 22 6/8 inches.

"It's absolutely a great deer," Weishuhn said. "It's the biggest deer ever entered in Los Cazadores. "The biggest before that was 249 2/8 in 1999 and 248 1/8 last year."

The ranch is high fenced and has a supplemental feeding program.

But range conditions get a lot of credit, with rains coming at the right time all year.

Many other large bucks are being entered in the contest.

Last Friday Los Cazadores got another big entry, a buck grossing 251 6/8 from another MLDP hunt, this time in Frio County by Misty Schnautz of Devine.

"The beauty of both those big deer is that they're 100 percent pure Texas deer," Weishuhn said. "Those ranches have never had an infusion of northern blood or anything like that."

Both field dressed at between 170 and 180 pounds.

Archers are doing well, too, with a 10-point buck with two kickers from Zavala County grossing 194 7/8.

It's among three bucks topping 190 in the contest.

Weishuhn, though, is not sure the Barrett buck will remain the leader.

"Who knows? Some guys have dropped by the store with trail camera photographs of other bucks that look like they could score that high," he said.

"This is going to be a tremendous year."


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