25.1 LB Bass Caught in Calif. (Lake Dixon)

Discussion in 'Freshwater fishing reports' started by Ragman, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Ragman

    Ragman Moderator

    This happened not too long ago and what better way to start this board off than a picture of a true toad?!

    Plus, the guy let her go!

    I believe it's only a matter of time before someone breaks Ole George's record.

    What do you think it'll take for our excellent facility in Athens to break through with the fish?

  2. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    Yep, as much as I hate to admit it the next world record will be from CA. The biggest I've heard of in Texas was a floater found at Fork a bit over 20lbs. Since then the numbers and size of fish there have dropped off. TP&W is way ahead of the curve with the Share A Lunker program breeding big fish but I think there's something in that west coast water or weather that will keep us in second place at best.