233 lb Yellowfin - Fourchon, LA ?

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by DeepBlueGulf, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Anybody on this board know anything about the 233 lb YFT that was supposed to have been caught last Sunday out of Fourchon? I saw little bits on the RnR board, but nothing else yet. Just curious as I'll be heading to Venice in two weeks! Was reported to have been caught by Scott Pecue on Chris Moran's boat, (not that I know those folks).

    Would like to know more details!

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf
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    here is the link http://www.louisianasportsman.com/forum.php?sid=0df420623eee901958c91a07c9216792&sec=forum&act=print&repID=28597

    233.25 Yellow fin Tuna caught out of Moran's Belle Pass Marina
    It started out as another day blue water trip on the Cajun Venture, but ended up as a day to go in the books. We had 5 Yellow fins, several bull dolphin and black fins. We felt that our day was almost complete. We decided to hit one more spot. 5 minutes after putting the engines in neutral the 3 hour battle began. The first of the 2 to hit the live bait was the 233.25, soon there after we hooked the 170.2. We found ourselves fighting the fish in opposite directions. The bigger of the 2 took the reel to the metal 4 times. After 2.5 hours the smaller fish was finally in the boat. 30 minutes later the bigger fish came up tail-wrapped and dead. At this point what we thought was going to be a good trip turned into the reason why we fish. I only wish my mom was here to see it......Cajun Made Charters 225-931-7306

    Entered Tue, 07 Aug 2007 23:14:36 -0500

    Capt Charles Morgan

    A day to remember

    Capt Chris Moran

    Scott Picou and Tim Godso

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    Believe there is a "Cajun Made" or "Cajun Mad" charters in Port Fouchon run by a Chris Moran.
    Could be wrong.
    Sure it is a 6 pack charter, no other way to catch fish like that.
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    Oops, See that Tank got details up there first. Should have type everything correctly the first time and not proof read everything.:eek:
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    Thanks Tank! Anybody know if it came off the Lump or a rig? Would love to know!

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    Awesome! Welcome to 360Tuna.. stop by more often! Gives rookies like me inspiration!!
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    Man O Man.... what a fish.. La. has had an excellent fishing year that seems to only get better..

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    thats an awesome fish
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    Hey RONNIE, found a new job yet?
    still need a standby........
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    a 235 and a 170 at one time, 3hrs fight
    wow !!!