21 Jigs for offshore New Jersey (not NC my bad)

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Kim, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Kim

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    If you had to pic 21 jigs for offshore New Jersey and Canyons what would be the ones to take. Forget about the post for NC, I wasn't paying attention. It would be great if you anglers from New Jersey, Long Island and New York fill in the gaps with your go to catching jigs!
  2. STB

    STB Member

    Hammered diamond jigs, seven seas hooker 1, stainless jig from peace token, and metallic sardine.
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  3. Kim

    Kim Senior Member Supporting Member

    If I could only take 21, these would be my choice but in reality, I take two bags of jigs just in case they are needed by myself or others. 20180412_130055.jpg

    The one diamond jig is a two trip veteran and the Black Fin have knocked most of the chrome off it and it still catching fish.
  4. Fightingfish

    Fightingfish Fishing Guru

    I’ve hooked up with the old Stingo Fish pbj jigs. I think he’s making them again through Madd Mantis.

    Can’t forget the soft plastics, too. The RonZ heads with the swivel hooks have caught me more tuna up here than any other jig/plug
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  5. scubaarchery

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    Can’t say since I haven’t fished that part of the ocean yet. Interesting thing is that I have and use many of the same jigs that you have even though we fish different parts of the gulf. I bought some more expensive jigs for OBX than my normal lot but still took some black dog and OTI to use as well. I will post my top 21 when I get home. One lure that I had never heard of before was a ranger lure...seems to be an east coast lure.
  6. sarahfirst

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    wow great pic:):)